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1966The lipids of Rhodomicrobium vannieliiPark, Chong Eel
1966Chicken antibodies: classes of immunoglobulins and enzymatic and reductive dissociation of IgGDreesman, Gordon Ronald
1967Clinical and laboratory studies of the epidemiology, etiology, and treatment of urethritis in the maleHolmes, King Kennard
1967The nature of genetic transformants of Mycoplasma laidlawiiIha, Thomas Hirohide
1967Base composition of Mycoplasma DNA and the formation of specific DNA-DNA hybridsFox, Richard Howard
1968Structural and antigenic relationships between avian immunoglobulinsLeslie, Gerrie Allen
1968Cell organization and ultrastructure during the culmination of cellular slime moldsGeorge, Robert P.
1968Studies on the REOvirus type 2 - human amnion cell systemOie, Herbert Kazuto
1969Genetic studies on the blue-green alga, Anacystis nidulansAsato, Yukio
1969Induction of catalase in the athiorhodaceaeShanmugam, Keelnatham T.
1970Structural studies on chicken IgG immunoglobulinKubo, Ralph Teruo, 1942
1970Ultrastructure and physiology of germination in Phytophthora parasiticaHemmes, Don E, 1942
1970Role of pH in the metabolism of Thiobacillus thiooxidansRao, G. Sivaji
1970Induction of alpha-glucosidase in Mycoplasma laidlawii ASlater, Martin L.
1971The cytotoxicity of ultraviolet light irradiated reovirusSubasinghe, Don Henry Ariyadasa
1972On the microbiology of slime layers formed on immersed materials in a marine environmentSechler, Gary Evans
1973Taxonomy of the marine, luminous bacteriaReichelt, John Lawrence
1974Factors affecting 7S and 17S antibody concentrations and affinities in chickensYamaga, Karen
1976Structural and genetic studies of chicken 7S immunoglobulin allotypesWakeland, Edward K.
1979The herpesvirus of channel catfish : a biological and biochemical studyLee, Moon Hong