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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1972On the microbiology of slime layers formed on immersed materials in a marine environmentSechler, Gary Evans
May-2004Pathogenesis Of Dengue In The Development Of Hemorrhagic FeverDorman, Erica T.
1986The persistence of life measured by carbon cycling in closed ecological systemsObenhuber, Donald C.
2008Pseudomonas aeruginosa pathogenesis during cystic fibrosis lung infection and metabolism of lung surfactant component phosphatidylcholineSon, Mike Seong
2007Research on the diversity and the biomedical potential of marine fungi in HawaiiHe, Mingxiao
2002The role of caspases in lytic mechanisms of tumor necrosis factor-mediated cytolysisChang, Wei-Chuan
Aug-2014Role of hetF and patU3 in the regulation of heterocyst development in Anabaena sp. Strain pcc 7120Tom, Sasa K.
1970Role of pH in the metabolism of Thiobacillus thiooxidansRao, G. Sivaji
1995The role of protein tyrosine phosphorylation in the resistance mechanism against tumor necrosis factor-mediated lysisSasaki, Carl Y.
1991Stability in closed ecological systems: an examination of material and energetic parametersShaffer, Jonathon
1968Structural and antigenic relationships between avian immunoglobulinsLeslie, Gerrie Allen
1976Structural and genetic studies of chicken 7S immunoglobulin allotypesWakeland, Edward K.
1970Structural studies on chicken IgG immunoglobulinKubo, Ralph Teruo, 1942
1968Studies on the REOvirus type 2 - human amnion cell systemOie, Herbert Kazuto
1973Taxonomy of the marine, luminous bacteriaReichelt, John Lawrence
1970Ultrastructure and physiology of germination in Phytophthora parasiticaHemmes, Don E, 1942