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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Kauai's potable groundwater sources : assessing its vulnerability to fecal contamination for the pending groundwater ruleSato, Dayna
Dec-2014Lipid body function as non-classical calcium stores in immunocytesPhan, Nolwenn Kathryn
1966The lipids of Rhodomicrobium vannieliiPark, Chong Eel
1993The metabolic diversity, biological activity, and stability of the steady state condition in closed ecosystemsBrittain, Andrew M.
May-2014Metagenome recruitment of the global ocean survey dataset to four closely-related SAR11 genomesBrucks, Eric Snodgrass
1990Microtubule-based vesicle transport and isolation of a microtubule-based motor from ParameciumSchroeder, Christopher C.
1990Modeling ecological determinants of the symbiotic performance of introduced rhizobia in tropical soilsThies, Janice E.
Aug-2012Modulation of TNF-α production by small RNA in dengue virus infected human monocytic cellsHammond, Kimberly Elaine
May-2013Molecular epidemiology of seasonal and pandemic influenza A (H1N1) in HawaiʻiNelson, Denise Cynthia
May-2003A multifaceted study of White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) a shrimp pathogenYou, Zerong
Aug-2004Mutations Involved In Heterocyst Differentiation In Anabaena sp. PCC 7120Orozco, Christine
May-2013Natural selection and the genetically encoded amino acid alphabetIlardo, Melissa Ann
1967The nature of genetic transformants of Mycoplasma laidlawiiIha, Thomas Hirohide
May-2011Numerous fatty acyl-CoA synthetase homologues are involved in fatty acid degradation in pseudomonas aeruginosaZarzycki-Siek, Jan Bozydar
1972On the microbiology of slime layers formed on immersed materials in a marine environmentSechler, Gary Evans
May-2004Pathogenesis Of Dengue In The Development Of Hemorrhagic FeverDorman, Erica T.
1986The persistence of life measured by carbon cycling in closed ecological systemsObenhuber, Donald C.
Dec-2012Polyphasic characterization of an epilithic biofilm from a lava cave in Kīlauea Caldera, HawaiʻiSaw, Jimmy Hser Wah
2008Pseudomonas aeruginosa pathogenesis during cystic fibrosis lung infection and metabolism of lung surfactant component phosphatidylcholineSon, Mike Seong
2007Research on the diversity and the biomedical potential of marine fungi in HawaiiHe, Mingxiao