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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1966A two-dimensional, time dependent numerical model of atmospheric boundary layer flow over inhomogeneous terrainWagner, Norman Keith
1977The synoptics and energetics of atmospheric circulation fluctuations during summer and winterUnninayar, Manakkampad S.
1978Hawaiian rainfall climatographyMeisner, Bernard Norman
1978A numerical study of the effect of cloud nuclei on the initiation of rain from warm cloudsLee, Seung-Man
1979Characteristics of the winter monsoon over the Malaysian regionLim, Joo Tick
1986Modelling sugarcane growth in response to age, insolation and temperatureHow, Karl T.S.
1988Indoor spatial monitoring of combustion generated pollutants (TSP, CO, and BaP) by Indian cookstovesMenon, Premlata
1988The relationship between intraseasonal disturbance activity and interannual variation of the tropical atmosphereWang, Xueliang
1993Measuring aerosol optical depths from satellite : aerosol measurements and modelsPorter, John Nolan
1993On the annual cycle of the tropical Pacific atmosphere and oceanLi, Tianming
1993On the dynamics of vortex propagation and associated asymmetric gyresLi, Xiaofan
1995Observational and numerical studies of the intensification of the southwesterly flow in the lower troposphere during the Taiwan Area Mesoscale Experiment 1987Chen, Xin An
2002Mechanism of the intraseasonal oscillation in the South Asian summer monsoon regionDrbohlav, Hae-Kyung Lee
Dec-2003Interannual variations of the boreal summer intraseasonal oscillationTeng, Haiyan
Dec-2003A study of dynamic mechanisms of annular modesPan, Linlin
2004Summertime teleconnections associated with US climate anomalies and their maintenanceWang, Zhuo
2004The boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation over the south Asian monsoon regionJiang, Xianan
2004Inner core asymmetric structures and tropical cyclone intensityYang, Bo
2004Validation of the coupled NCEP mesoscale spectral model and an advanced land surface model over the Hawaiian IslandsZhang, Yongxin
2008Tropical-extratropical interaction associated with the Indian summer monsoonDing, Qinghua