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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2011A nonlinear statistical downscaling approach of echam 5 model data to project heavy precipitation events for Oahu, HawaiiNorton, Chase Warren
May-2012An examination of the relationship between lightning and rainfall over oceanic regions using the global lightning dataset (GLD360) and the tropical rainfall measuring mission precipitation radar (TRMM PR)Stolz, Douglas Clinton
2007Analyses of an unusual heavy rainfall period over the Hawaiian Islands during February 19-April 2, 2006Jayawardena, Ilukpitiya Mudiyanselage Shiromani Priyanthika
Aug-2014Climate variations of genesis and rapid intensification of tropical cyclones in the southern hemisphereDayal, Kavina Shaanu
Dec-2003A climatological study of the Keetch/Byram Drought Index and fire activity in the Hawaiian IslandsDolling, Klaus Peter
May-2011Climatology and changes of north-east trade winds over the islands of HawaiiGarza, Jessica A.
Dec-2014The collapse of Hurricane Felicia (2009)Bukunt, Brandon Paul
Aug-2014Detection of the inversion layer over the central north pacific ocean using gps radio occultationWinning, Thomas Edward
2008Determination of the circulation center and inner core evolution of Hurricane Danny (1997) using the GBVTD-Simplex algorithmMurillo, Shirley T.
Aug-2014Diagnostics of tropical cyclogenesis in four operational global NWP models : case studies for typhoons Megi (2010) and Jelawat (2012)Shimokobe, Akira
Dec-2003The diurnal cycle of wind, clouds, and rain over Taiwan and the surrounding areas during the southwest monsoon rainy seasonsKerns, Brandon W.
Dec-2004Diurnal Variations Of Island Scale Weather Over Oahu And Kauai During Summer MonthsLoos, Treena Marie
Dec-2010Eddy-induced poleward migration of westerly jets in an idealized atmospheric global circulation modelScanlon, Kathleen Elizabeth
Aug-2003Environmental steering flow analysis for central north Pacific tropical cyclones based on NCEP/NCAR reanalysis dataReynes, Anthony
Dec-2011Extreme temperature occurrences over East AsiaIto, Hiroyuki
2008Helical circulations in the typhoon boundary layerEllis, Ryan T.
May-2012High altitude climate of the island of HawaiʻiDa Silva, Sara Vanessa Couto
Dec-2003High resolution mesoscale modeling of Kauai wintertime weatherChambers, Christopher R.S.
Dec-2002Impact of Trade Wind Strength on Precipitation and Circulation of the island of HawaiiEsteban, Mary Ann B.
2007An index to measure the influences of climate on residential natural gas demandSánchez-Lugo, Ahira M.