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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2004Re-Examining Tropical Cyclone Radial Structure From Flight-Level Aircraft Observations: Implications For Vortex Resiliency And IntensificationMallen, Kevin J.
1988The relationship between intraseasonal disturbance activity and interannual variation of the tropical atmosphereWang, Xueliang
Aug-2004A Sea-Salt Flux Parameterization Derived From Field Measurements At A Remote Coastal Site On OahuOwens, Steven Ray
2007Spatial and temporal distribution of ozone over Houston during the 2006 Texas air quality studyTytell, Jonathan E.
1970Spectral analysis of satellite cloud cover in the tropical PacificBliss, Vernon LeRoy
1962Stratospheric temperature variations over the tropical PacificDe la Cruz, Hugo Santa
Dec-2003A study of dynamic mechanisms of annular modesPan, Linlin
2004Summertime teleconnections associated with US climate anomalies and their maintenanceWang, Zhuo
Dec-2003Synoptic climatology of subtropical cyclogenesisCaruso, Steven J.
1977The synoptics and energetics of atmospheric circulation fluctuations during summer and winterUnninayar, Manakkampad S.
Aug-2014A systematic approach to quantifying the noise-enso relationship and its effect on extreme el nino eventsLevine, Aaron Falk Zacharius
2007Thermodynamic structure and evolution of the low level eye of Hurricane Lili (2002)Fuentes, Paul A.
2008Tropical cyclone energy dispersion in a baroclinic model and its associated cyclogenesisGe, Xuyang
2008Tropical-extratropical interaction associated with the Indian summer monsoonDing, Qinghua
1966A two-dimensional, time dependent numerical model of atmospheric boundary layer flow over inhomogeneous terrainWagner, Norman Keith
2008An updated climatology of tropical cyclones in the Northeast Pacific OceanDettmer-Shea, Cynthia B.
2004Validation of the coupled NCEP mesoscale spectral model and an advanced land surface model over the Hawaiian IslandsZhang, Yongxin
Aug-2014Variability of Hawaiʻian winter rainfall during La Niña events since 1956O'Connor, Chris Foster