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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2012Material characterization of alcohol-water mixtures for the numerical simulation of heat transfer in micro-channelsAsada, Matthew Masaichi
Aug-2005Mechanical Design Of A Reactionless Telescope Pointing Mechanism For Intersatellite Laser CommunicationMitchell, Chad F.
2007Methodology to measure impulses in the micro-newton range for a novel micro-thruster conceptYoneshige, Lance K.
Dec-2012Microbiologically influenced corrosion of 1018 plain carbon steel in biodieselsKaneshiro, Corey Kenji
Aug-2014Microstructure characterization, mechanical properties, and corrosion behaviors of friction stir welded AA5086 and AA6061Chen, Zhitong
2007Miltiphase micro-pin-fin heat sink : pressure drop and heat transferHo, Abel Siu
2006Modeling aspects of vocal fold oscillations with validation to clinical dataBentil, Sarah A.
Aug-2012Modeling, analysis, and design for magnetic levitation with unlimited roll and pitch rotations and a pen-shaped haptic interface handleMiyasaka, Muneaki
May-2011Nanomechanical properties of hybrid nanocoatingsTiwari, Atul
Dec-2004Numerical Controlled Electrochemical Machining Of Silicon Carbide/Aluminum Metal Matrix CompositesSugadev, Prasath Mungundu
2007Numerical modeling of mass and ionic transport in corrosion processesKaya, Jasen D.
May-2014Ocean ambient noise variation and non-linear signal analysisHee Wai, Tyler Akio
Aug-2006On The Modeling Of The Hydrodynamic Force Acting On A Spherical ParticlePedro, Hugo T.C.
2008Organic solar cells enhanced by cadmium sulfide nanoparticles and a carbon buckyball derivative (PCBM)Kaneshiro, Jess Masao Makana
Aug-2004Outdoor & Laboratory Corrosion Studies Of Aluminum Metal - Matrix CompositesHawthorn, George A.
Aug-2011Passive acoustic detection of a small remotely operated vehicleCai, Meng
2007Photo-realistic graphical representation of helical cable structureHuang, Chang
Aug-2011Pose estimation and material removal study of a non-rigid endoscopic machining toolLei, Yang
2005Processing and characterization of continuous fiber ceramic nanocomposites by preceramic polymer pyrolysisGudapati, Vamshi Mohan
Aug-2012Processing and characterization of nanoparticle and carbon nanotube reinforced continuous fiber ceramic nanocomposites by preceramic polymer pyrolysisKhosroshahi, Kaveh