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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Ignition behavior and air delivery requirements observed during the carbonization of pressurized packed beds of biomassWade, Samuel R.
2007Kinetic and radiative extinctions of spherical diffusion flamesWang, Qian
Aug-2005Mechanical Design Of A Reactionless Telescope Pointing Mechanism For Intersatellite Laser CommunicationMitchell, Chad F.
2007Methodology to measure impulses in the micro-newton range for a novel micro-thruster conceptYoneshige, Lance K.
Aug-2014Microstructure characterization, mechanical properties, and corrosion behaviors of friction stir welded AA5086 and AA6061Chen, Zhitong
2007Miltiphase micro-pin-fin heat sink : pressure drop and heat transferHo, Abel Siu
2006Modeling aspects of vocal fold oscillations with validation to clinical dataBentil, Sarah A.
Dec-2004Numerical Controlled Electrochemical Machining Of Silicon Carbide/Aluminum Metal Matrix CompositesSugadev, Prasath Mungundu
2007Numerical modeling of mass and ionic transport in corrosion processesKaya, Jasen D.
May-2014Ocean ambient noise variation and non-linear signal analysisHee Wai, Tyler Akio
Aug-2006On The Modeling Of The Hydrodynamic Force Acting On A Spherical ParticlePedro, Hugo T.C.
2008Organic solar cells enhanced by cadmium sulfide nanoparticles and a carbon buckyball derivative (PCBM)Kaneshiro, Jess Masao Makana
Aug-2004Outdoor & Laboratory Corrosion Studies Of Aluminum Metal - Matrix CompositesHawthorn, George A.
2007Photo-realistic graphical representation of helical cable structureHuang, Chang
2005Processing and characterization of continuous fiber ceramic nanocomposites by preceramic polymer pyrolysisGudapati, Vamshi Mohan
2006Structure and extinction of spherical diffusion flames in microgravitySanta, Karl J.
Aug-2004Systematic Testing And Analysis Of Corrosion At Organic Matrix Composite And 6061-T6 Aluminum InterfacesGovindaraju, Thanigai Arasu
2007Thermal and hydraulic performance of single-phase and two-phase micro-channel heat sinksLee, Scott W.C.H.
Dec-2014Variable buoyancy control for a bottom skimming autonomous underwater vehicleSylvester, Anthony Harold