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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Design and analysis of a secondary mirror adaptive nano-platform with structural nano-positioning for a space based laser communications smart composite telescopeJurasek, Nicholas J.
Aug-2004Design And Analysis Of An Intelligent Composite Platform For Thrust Vector ControlAntin, Nicolas
Dec-2010Design and control methods for a conjoined automotive regenerative braking dynamic systemWolfe, Michael Alan
2007Design of a mechanical stimulator for the promotion of osteoblast proliferationPuri, Neil S.
2007Design of a smart composite telescope with stabilization and precision pointing capabilitiesBritton, Shawn R.
Dec-2010Design of an architectural acoustical treatment incorporating reused cotton clothing : an experimental evaluation and case studyBeiler, Todd Robert
Aug-2014Design rules for volume normalizing vibration energy harvesting devicesWong, Daniel Ka Chin
2008Development of catalyst and gas diffusion layers using nanotechnology for proton exchange membrane fuel cellsStuckey, Philip A.
Aug-2012Development of high-performance nanoresins employing graphene nanosheets and carbon nanotubesHummer, David Andrew
Aug-2014Development of the constrained drop surfactometerChen, Rimei
May-2012Development of utility scale buoyant energy storage technologyThornbrue, Tyler Benjamin
May-2003Dynamic analysis of cables with variable flexural rigidityZhong, Min
Dec-2004Dynamics Of A Spherical Particle In A Model Clinostat Or BioreactorRamirez, Lynnette E.S.
May-2005Dynamics With Variable-Order OperatorsSoon, Cory M.
May-2014The effects of chemical dispersants on buoyant oil dropletsNagamine, Shotaro Ike
May-2014Effects of Pressure and Particle Size on the Carbonization of a Packed Bed of BiomassSpecht, Gregory Patrick
May-2014Electromagnetic suspension system for prosthetic limbs that compensates for residual limb shrinkageBautista, Diane Hanauhope
Aug-2012Experimental analysis and theoretical modeling of forced mechanical response of nitinol stent for popliteal segment of femoral regionBhawuk, Atma Prakash
Dec-2012Experimental and metallurgical analysis of the friction stir forming processLazarevic, Sladjan
Aug-2011Experimental and numerical study of water single-phase pressure drop across an array of circular micro-pin-finsMita, Jonathan Raymond