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1991Solar sailcraft motion in sun-earth-moon space with application to lunar transfer from geosynchronous orbitSalvail, James Ronald
1992Mechanism and kinetics of the autocatalytic dehydration of tert-butanol in near-critical waterXu, Xiaodong
1992A numerical study of mixed and forced convection in a vertical packed tube and a packed channelChowdhury, Ashrafuddin
1992Finite element modeling of nonsymmetrical cable cross-sections considering nonuniform radial loadingsLe, Tung Tuan
1993Range determination from translational motion blurMakkad, Satwinderpal
1995Oscillatory flow and heat transfer characteristics in a pipe and a packed columnZhao, Tianshou
1996A dual state variable formulation for ordinary differential equationsPost, Alvin M.
May-2003Extended film theory for transpiration boundary layer flow at high mass transfer ratesNakamura, Fuminori
May-2003Dynamic analysis of cables with variable flexural rigidityZhong, Min
2004Advanced control of autonomous underwater vehiclesZhao, Side
Aug-2004Design And Analysis Of An Intelligent Composite Platform For Thrust Vector ControlAntin, Nicolas
Aug-2004Systematic Testing And Analysis Of Corrosion At Organic Matrix Composite And 6061-T6 Aluminum InterfacesGovindaraju, Thanigai Arasu
Aug-2004Outdoor & Laboratory Corrosion Studies Of Aluminum Metal - Matrix CompositesHawthorn, George A.
Aug-2004Cable Vibration Considering Internal FrictionLiu, Xin
Dec-2004Dynamics Of A Spherical Particle In A Model Clinostat Or BioreactorRamirez, Lynnette E.S.
Dec-2004Acoustic Technique In The Diagnosis Of Voice DisordersKulinski, Christina
Dec-2004Numerical Controlled Electrochemical Machining Of Silicon Carbide/Aluminum Metal Matrix CompositesSugadev, Prasath Mungundu
Dec-2004Geometric Transformation For Double Helical Wire RodsHardy, Manuel Munoz
2005Ignition behavior and air delivery requirements observed during the carbonization of pressurized packed beds of biomassWade, Samuel R.
2005Processing and characterization of continuous fiber ceramic nanocomposites by preceramic polymer pyrolysisGudapati, Vamshi Mohan