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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2012Saipan Carolinian, one Chuukic language blended from manyEllis, S. James
Aug-2014Sentence comprehension of event structure in English and Japanese : an evaluation of the interaction between grammatical aspect and lexical aspectHara, Yukie
1978Some non-standard features of Bahamian dialect syntaxShilling, Alison Watt
1977Some problems in the history of Mokilese morpho-syntaxHarrison, Sheldon P, 1947
2004Stop perception in second language phonology : perception of English and Korean stops by Japanese speakersYasuta, Takako
1981Studies in Korean syntax : ellipsis, topic and relative constructionsBak, Sung-Yun
1990Studies on interrogatives in ChineseTsai, Ching-yuan Kenneth
1988A study of ascension constructions in KoreanChoi, Young-Seok
1980A study of English passivesKuntzman, Linda Edmund
1982A study of information structure and sentence mood in Hokkien syntaxChan, Leok Har
1982A study of informational structuring in Thai sentences: by Peansiri EkniyomEkniyom, Peansiri
Aug-2003A study of selected Korean pragmatic markers: synchronic and diachronic perspectivesPark, Jung-ran
1990The syllable-evidence from Icelandic skaldic poetrySroka, Nitalu
1976The syntactic and semantic structure of Japanese adverbialsKimura, Tadashi
1976Syntactic derivation of Tagalog verbsDe Guzman, Videa P.
1967Syntactic features of Tagalog verbsKess, Joseph Francis
1970A tagmemic analysis of Hawaii English clausesGlissmeyer, Gloria
1988Tense and aspect in KoreanShin, Sung-Ock
2005Textual structure and discourse prominence in Yapese narrativeBallantyne, Keira Gebbie
1989Thai nouns and noun phrases : a lexicase analysisSavetamalya, Saranya