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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982Reality set, socialization and linguistic convergenceScollon, Suzanne B.K.
2002A reconstruction of the accentual history of the Japanese and Ryukyuan languagesShimabukuro, Moriyo
1978Relativization in a creole continuumPeet, William
1984The representation of temporality in extended text : a study of Pride and prejudiceSu, Lily I-Wen
2004Resultative constructions in KoreanLee, Mijung
Dec-2012Saipan Carolinian, one Chuukic language blended from manyEllis, S. James
Aug-2014Sentence comprehension of event structure in English and Japanese : an evaluation of the interaction between grammatical aspect and lexical aspectHara, Yukie
1978Some non-standard features of Bahamian dialect syntaxShilling, Alison Watt
1977Some problems in the history of Mokilese morpho-syntaxHarrison, Sheldon P, 1947
2004Stop perception in second language phonology : perception of English and Korean stops by Japanese speakersYasuta, Takako
1981Studies in Korean syntax : ellipsis, topic and relative constructionsBak, Sung-Yun
1990Studies on interrogatives in ChineseTsai, Ching-yuan Kenneth
1988A study of ascension constructions in KoreanChoi, Young-Seok
1980A study of English passivesKuntzman, Linda Edmund
1982A study of information structure and sentence mood in Hokkien syntaxChan, Leok Har
1982A study of informational structuring in Thai sentences: by Peansiri EkniyomEkniyom, Peansiri
Aug-2003A study of selected Korean pragmatic markers: synchronic and diachronic perspectivesPark, Jung-ran
1990The syllable-evidence from Icelandic skaldic poetrySroka, Nitalu
1976The syntactic and semantic structure of Japanese adverbialsKimura, Tadashi
1976Syntactic derivation of Tagalog verbsDe Guzman, Videa P.