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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1968Noun phrase substitutes and zero anaphora in Mandarin ChineseRoberts, Thomas Hughes
1971Outline of Sre structureManley, Timothy M.
1972Patterns of variation in copula and tense in the Hawaiian post-Creole continuumDay, Richard R.
1993Perspective-shifting constructions in Japanese : a lexicase dependency analysisSpringer, Hisami Konishi
1996Pragmatic comprehension : a developmental study of Mandarin-speaking children's strategies for interpretation of given and new informationChen, Shu-hui Eileen
1980The processing complexity of nouns and verbs : psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic issuesBisazza, John A.
Aug-2003Processing of multiple filler-gap dependencies in JapaneseNakamura, Michiko
2005Production and perception of phonological contrasts in second language acquisition: Korean and English fricativesCheon, Sang Yee
1986The promise of animal language researchHoban, EsmeĢ
1996Prosody and the acquisition of grammatical morphemes in Chinese languagesHung, Feng-sheng
1982Reality set, socialization and linguistic convergenceScollon, Suzanne B.K.
2002A reconstruction of the accentual history of the Japanese and Ryukyuan languagesShimabukuro, Moriyo
1978Relativization in a creole continuumPeet, William
1984The representation of temporality in extended text : a study of Pride and prejudiceSu, Lily I-Wen
2004Resultative constructions in KoreanLee, Mijung
Aug-2014Sentence comprehension of event structure in English and Japanese : an evaluation of the interaction between grammatical aspect and lexical aspectHara, Yukie
1978Some non-standard features of Bahamian dialect syntaxShilling, Alison Watt
1977Some problems in the history of Mokilese morpho-syntaxHarrison, Sheldon P, 1947
2004Stop perception in second language phonology : perception of English and Korean stops by Japanese speakersYasuta, Takako
1981Studies in Korean syntax : ellipsis, topic and relative constructionsBak, Sung-Yun