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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Idiomaticity in basic writing : formulas and idioms in the writing of some multilingual and creole speaking community college studentsSonomura, Marion Okawa
May-2014Individual differences in first and second language sentence processing : evidence from statistical learningLee, On-Soon
2005The interaction of linguistic, pragmatic, and social factors : the case of datives and ditransitives in ThaiTimyam, Napasri
1966An Ivatan syntaxReid, Lawrence Andrew
1992Japanese passives and related constructionsKanno, Kazue
1971Kapampangan syntactic processesMirikitani, Leatrice T.
1972Korean syntax : case markers, delimiters, complementation, and relativizationYang, In-Seok
1992Korean verbal morphology : inflectional affixes are headsLee, Dong-Jae
1970Kunjen syntax : a generative viewSommer, Bruce Arthur
1974Kusaiean verbal derivation rulesLee, Kee-dong
2005L2 acquisition of transitivity alternations and of the entailment relations for causatives by Korean speakers of English and English speakers of KoreanKim, Jae Yeon
2005The language of corporate names: historical, social, and linguistic factors in the evolution of technology corporation naming practicesCowan, Barry
1990Language shift : changing patterns of language allegiance in western SeramFlorey, Margaret J.
1986Lexical retrieval disturbances in a conduction aphasicCain, Eileen
1990Lexicon and syntax in Korean phonologyPark, Duk-Soo
2008Listener-identified phonetic correlates of gay-, lesbian- and straight-sounding speechPiccolo, Fabiana
1967Major grammatical patterns of Western Bukidnon ManoboElkins, Richard Ewell
Dec-2003Making do with what you've got: the use of prosody as a linguistic resource in second language narrativesPlumlee, Marilyn Kay
Dec-2014Mà„ori as a phrase-based languageYamada, Fumiko Sugasawa
1975Melayu Betawi grammarIkranagara, Kay