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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005An acoustic and perceptual investigation of vowel length in Japanese and PohnpeianKozasa, Tomoko
Aug-2003The acquisition of English speech rhythm by adult Chinese ESL and EFL learnersHua, Te-fang
1995The acquisition of Wh-questions in English and KoreanKim, Seongchan
1969Affixation in modern KhmerJenner, Philip Norman
1995Against a subjacency account of movement and empty categories in JapaneseIzutani, Matazo
1991Analysis of Korean intonationPark, Sayhyon
Dec-2003Argument/adjunct asymmetry in the acquisition of inversion in wh-questions by English-speaking children and Korean learners of English: frequency account vs. structural accountLee, Sun-Young
1971Aspects of Korean syntax: quantification, relativization, topicalization, and negationOh, Choon-Kyu
1992Aspects of the pitch-accent system of Ibuki-jimaRobb, Thomas N.
1982Blended beginnings : connections and the effects of editing in a case of academic "Japanese English"Easton, Barbara Jo
1973The case system of Tagalog verbsRamos, Teresita V.
Dec-2014Children's interpretation of the Korean reflexive pronouns caki and caki-casinJoo, Kum Jeong
1994Chinese written language in Hawaiʻi : the linguistic, social, and cultural significance for immigrant familiesScott, Amanda
1993A comparison of grammaticality evaluation measurements : testing native speakers of English and KoreanMasterson, Deborah Ann
1989Complementation in Japanese : a lexicase analysisLee, Nagiko Iwata
1993Complex predicate formation with verbal nouns in Japanese and Korean : argument transfer at LFSatō, Yutaka
1979Complex sentence formation in MaoriReedy, Tamati Muturangi
1992A computational model for the testing of linguistic hypotheses concerning language changeLindsey, Francis Lynn Jr.
2008Copula variability in Hawai'i CreoleInoue, Aya
1975Coverbs and case in VietnameseClark, Marybeth