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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Games and other routines in the conversation of pre-school children : a case study in developmental sociolinguisticsIwamura, Susan Joyce
1977Some problems in the history of Mokilese morpho-syntaxHarrison, Sheldon P, 1947
1978The genetic relationship of the Ainu languagePatrie, James Tyrone
1978Some non-standard features of Bahamian dialect syntaxShilling, Alison Watt
1978Relativization in a creole continuumPeet, William
1979A diachronic view of case-marking systems in Greek : a localistic-lexicase analysisAcson, Veneeta
1979Complex sentence formation in MaoriReedy, Tamati Muturangi
1980The processing complexity of nouns and verbs : psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic issuesBisazza, John A.
1980A study of English passivesKuntzman, Linda Edmund
1981Studies in Korean syntax : ellipsis, topic and relative constructionsBak, Sung-Yun
1982Reality set, socialization and linguistic convergenceScollon, Suzanne B.K.
1982A study of informational structuring in Thai sentences: by Peansiri EkniyomEkniyom, Peansiri
1982A study of information structure and sentence mood in Hokkien syntaxChan, Leok Har
1982Transformational Montague grammatical studies of JapaneseSugimoto, Takashi
1982Blended beginnings : connections and the effects of editing in a case of academic "Japanese English"Easton, Barbara Jo
1984Epistemology in linguistic analysis : a case study from Japanese and OkinawanShinzato, Rumiko
1984The representation of temporality in extended text : a study of Pride and prejudiceSu, Lily I-Wen
1985The emergence of the semantics of tense and aspect in the language of a visually impaired childWilson, Robert Benjamin
1986The promise of animal language researchHoban, EsmeĢ
1986Lexical retrieval disturbances in a conduction aphasicCain, Eileen