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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The language of corporate names: historical, social, and linguistic factors in the evolution of technology corporation naming practicesCowan, Barry
1990Language shift : changing patterns of language allegiance in western SeramFlorey, Margaret J.
1986Lexical retrieval disturbances in a conduction aphasicCain, Eileen
1990Lexicon and syntax in Korean phonologyPark, Duk-Soo
2008Listener-identified phonetic correlates of gay-, lesbian- and straight-sounding speechPiccolo, Fabiana
1967Major grammatical patterns of Western Bukidnon ManoboElkins, Richard Ewell
Dec-2003Making do with what you've got: the use of prosody as a linguistic resource in second language narrativesPlumlee, Marilyn Kay
Dec-2014Mà„ori as a phrase-based languageYamada, Fumiko Sugasawa
1975Melayu Betawi grammarIkranagara, Kay
Dec-2012Metaphors for happiness in English and Mandarin ChinesePolley, Carl Anthony
1991Multiple accusative constructions in Korean and the stratal uniqueness lawLee, Keon Soo
1968Noun phrase substitutes and zero anaphora in Mandarin ChineseRoberts, Thomas Hughes
1971Outline of Sre structureManley, Timothy M.
1972Patterns of variation in copula and tense in the Hawaiian post-Creole continuumDay, Richard R.
1993Perspective-shifting constructions in Japanese : a lexicase dependency analysisSpringer, Hisami Konishi
1996Pragmatic comprehension : a developmental study of Mandarin-speaking children's strategies for interpretation of given and new informationChen, Shu-hui Eileen
Aug-2012Preverbal particles in pingelapese : a language of MicronesiaHattori, Ryoko
1980The processing complexity of nouns and verbs : psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic issuesBisazza, John A.
Dec-2010Processing implied meaning through contrastive prosodyDennison, Heeyeon Yoon
Aug-2003Processing of multiple filler-gap dependencies in JapaneseNakamura, Michiko