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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2011A grammar of the eastern old Japanese dialectsKupchik, John Everitt
Aug-2012A study of neutral-tone syllables in Taiwan MandarinHuang, Karen
Aug-2012A-class genitive subject effect : a pragmatic and discourse grammar approach to A-and O-class genitive subject selection in HawaiianBaker, Christopher M.
2005An acoustic and perceptual investigation of vowel length in Japanese and PohnpeianKozasa, Tomoko
Aug-2003The acquisition of English speech rhythm by adult Chinese ESL and EFL learnersHua, Te-fang
1995The acquisition of Wh-questions in English and KoreanKim, Seongchan
1969Affixation in modern KhmerJenner, Philip Norman
1995Against a subjacency account of movement and empty categories in JapaneseIzutani, Matazo
1991Analysis of Korean intonationPark, Sayhyon
Dec-2003Argument/adjunct asymmetry in the acquisition of inversion in wh-questions by English-speaking children and Korean learners of English: frequency account vs. structural accountLee, Sun-Young
1971Aspects of Korean syntax: quantification, relativization, topicalization, and negationOh, Choon-Kyu
1992Aspects of the pitch-accent system of Ibuki-jimaRobb, Thomas N.
Dec-2013Asymmetries in the production of relative clauses : first and second language acquisitionKim, Chae-Eun
1982Blended beginnings : connections and the effects of editing in a case of academic "Japanese English"Easton, Barbara Jo
1973The case system of Tagalog verbsRamos, Teresita V.
Dec-2012Children seem to know raising : raising and intervention in child languageChoe, Jin Sun
Dec-2014Children's interpretation of the Korean reflexive pronouns caki and caki-casinJoo, Kum Jeong
1994Chinese written language in Hawaiʻi : the linguistic, social, and cultural significance for immigrant familiesScott, Amanda
1993A comparison of grammaticality evaluation measurements : testing native speakers of English and KoreanMasterson, Deborah Ann
1989Complementation in Japanese : a lexicase analysisLee, Nagiko Iwata