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Aug-2003Microcurrent treatment on pain, edema, and decreased muscle force associated with delayed onset muscle soreness: a double-blind, placebo, studyHewlett, Kristi A.
Aug-2003Prediction equations as an alternative to 1-RM strength testing in division I college football playersSchroeder, Brian L.
Aug-2003Isokinetic bench press as a criterion measure of upper body power in NCAA Division I college football player starters and non-startersNakasuji, Joy K.
Dec-2003Power development through low velocity isotonic, or combined low velocity isotonic - high velocity isokinetic trainingSeligman, Joshua R.
May-2004Detection Of Head Injury In Collegiate AthletesMartin, Mersadies R.
Aug-2004Selected Metabolic Responses To SkateboardingHunt, Ian K.
Aug-2004Status Of Athletic Health Care In Hawai'i's High SchoolsKodama, Sharyn A.
Dec-2004Performance Characteristics Of A Division Ia Nationally Ranked Intercollegiate Cheerleading SquadDavis, Justin B.
Dec-2004A Comparison Of Bioelectrical Impedance And Skinfold Measurements In Determining Minimal Wrestling Weight In Hawai'i's High School WrestlersHaines, Karin A.
2005Optimizing freestyle flip-turn techniquePatz, Amy E.
2005Can microcurrent electrical neuromuscular stimulation decrease symptoms associated with delayed onset muscle soreness?Wolff, Toby
May-2005A Comparison Of An Interdisciplinary Connected Teaching Model Involving Literacy And Physical Activity For 3rd And 4th Graders At Two Elementary Schools On Their Motor Skills, Fitness Levels And Literacy Skills In An After-School Program.Solomon, John
May-2005Foot Placement During Sprinting And Its Effect On Biomechanics Of Sprint Performance In NCAA Division-I Female Track And Field RunnersKanaoka, Tomoki
May-2005Validity And Reliability Of The Hawai'i Anaerobic Run TestSmith, Joseph H.
May-2005Development of The Hawai'i Anaerobic Power Test For Division I-A Football AthletesKuramoto, Alison N.
2006Overweight and non-overweight : adolescent attitudes toward physical activityTaeu, Melissa M.
2006Effect of intermittent hypoxic exposure delivered via cyclic variation in altitude conditioning chamber on heart rate variability in aerobic athletesMcGrady, B. Kyle
2006Effect of intermittent hypoxic exposure on heart rate variability in endurance trained athletes using autoregressive spectral analysisMartin, Vanessa R.
2006Effect of intermittent hypoxic exposure delivered via cyclic variation in altitude conditioning chamber on anaeorbic [i.e., anaerobic] physical performance in well-trained athletesOba, Yukiya
2006Creatine phosphokinase levels in HIV-seropositive individuals after a single bout of isokinetic resistance exerciseHeeter, Andrea