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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2003Microcurrent treatment on pain, edema, and decreased muscle force associated with delayed onset muscle soreness: a double-blind, placebo, studyHewlett, Kristi A.
2005Optimizing freestyle flip-turn techniquePatz, Amy E.
2006Overweight and non-overweight : adolescent attitudes toward physical activityTaeu, Melissa M.
Dec-2004Performance Characteristics Of A Division Ia Nationally Ranked Intercollegiate Cheerleading SquadDavis, Justin B.
Dec-2003Power development through low velocity isotonic, or combined low velocity isotonic - high velocity isokinetic trainingSeligman, Joshua R.
Aug-2003Prediction equations as an alternative to 1-RM strength testing in division I college football playersSchroeder, Brian L.
2008The relationship between heart rate variability, self-perception, exercise, mood, and sleep indicies in collegiate women's track and field during a competitive seasonLeonhardt, Lorita P.A
2008The relationship between social environment and walking levels in older women in HawaiʻiNagira, Megumi
2007Reliability of hand held stopwatches during H.A.R.T. field testingLundquist, Kelly M.
Aug-2004Selected Metabolic Responses To SkateboardingHunt, Ian K.
2006Sprint biomechanics of female National Collegiate Athletic Association division track and field athleteTamura, Kaori
Aug-2004Status Of Athletic Health Care In Hawai'i's High SchoolsKodama, Sharyn A.
2008Validation of the human activity profile in the HIV-Positive population using indirect calorimetryBarnett, Alexis T.
May-2005Validity And Reliability Of The Hawai'i Anaerobic Run TestSmith, Joseph H.