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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-20142010 sec climate change disclosure : determinants and impactsGuo, Ying
2008Affect transfer from multiple product categories : The case of comparative brand extension advertising and the moderating role of self-construalMerz, Michael A.
Dec-2012Analyses of the shareholder benefit program in JapanYasutake, Taeko
May-2012Charitable giving after indulgence : forgiveness for past sinsHwang, Hyekyung
May-2011Competitive dynamics and firm resources in the internationalization of Korean manufacturing firms 1981--2002Cho, Eun Bum
2008Earnings management and seasoned private equity placements : Evidence from U.S. and Japanese issuersHe, Daoping
May-2012Economic determinants and consequences of direct method cash flow disclosureZhao, Lijuan
2004Effective ethics management and culture : examination of internal reporting and whistleblowing within a NAFTA member contextMac Nab, Brent Robert
Dec-2003The effects of culture and individual differences on the persuasiveness of comparative adsPolyorate, Kawpong
Dec-2012Essays on target date funds as a retirement portfolio choiceSaar, Helen
2008Ethics education and neuroscience : A neurocognitive approach to business ethics trainingSuarez, Cristina
Aug-2012Firm strategy, societal norms, and cognition : the American auto industry between 1968 and 2008Chun, Douglas Clyde
2008Globalization without convergence : An analysis of the harmonization of intellectual property laws across three different legal regimesKudo, Benjamin A.
Aug-2014Good economics or bad context : attaining a balanced perspective on present practices, historical development, and the legacy of outsourcing in the context of globalizationRuikar, Sachin Sitaram
Aug-2011Hand versus mouse : role identity formation of competing institutional logics in the U.S. animation film industry, 1991-2008Kim, Euisin
Aug-2012How does power corrupt ? : the way individual and institutional support of social hierarchies influences unethical behaviorRosenblatt, Valerie
Aug-2014The influence of information systems affordances on work practices in high velocity, high reliability organizations : a relational coordination approachSebastian, Ina M.
May-2011International diversification and professional service firmsPowell, Kristan Skylar
2008International knowledge transfer in the biotechnology industry : The case of American and Japanese firmsBudde, Amanda Erin Krueger
May-2012Learning by doing in social networks : North American automotive engine plants, 1995--2006Yang, Dae Gyu