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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Formulation of agricultural policy in Imperial India, 1872-1929 : a case of the Madras presidencyManak, Elizabeth
1981From Tempō to Meiji : Fukuoka han in late Tokugawa JapanBrown, David Douglas
1995Furuta Oribe : iconoclastic guardian of chanoyu traditionNakano-Holmes, Julia R.
Dec-2011Grafting justice : crime and the politics of punishment in Korea, 1875-1938Sprunger, Michael Lorin
2005Graphic propaganda: Japan's creation of China in the prewar period, 1894-1937Mudd, Scott E.
Dec-2013Heartstrings to the homeland : evolving ethnic identities among the Korean diaspora in China, Russia, and JapanLee, Chungjoon
2004A history of Ilocos: a story of the regionalization of Spanish colonialismMateo, Grace Estela C.
1980Homicide and insanity in Qing ChinaNg, Vivien W.
1966Honolulu - the first century influences in the development of the town to 1876Daws, Gavan
Aug-2014Illustrated America : freedom of expression and the democratization of tattoos in contemporary American cultureKang, Sung Pil
1976Institutional developments in Korea under the Chʻoe House, 1196-1258Shultz, Edward John
Dec-2013Jack Tar's Perilous World : Privateers, Impressed Seafarers, Whalemen, Nautical Abolitionists & Traumatic Memory in the American Maritime NarrativeMartin, Zachary John
30-Mar-2015JAPAN AND THE TRANS-SIBERIAN RAILROAD, 1885-1905Valliant, Robert Britton
2005Japan's mobilization of Koreans for war, 1937-1945Palmer, Brandon, 1970
2004The Japanese missions to Tang China and maritime exchange in East Asia, 7th-9th centuriesFuqua, Douglas Sherwin
2005The Jingju-Wayang encounter : China and Indonesia during the Cultural Revolution and the Gestapu coup and countercoupCorcoran, James Ross
Aug-2011Khalwatiah Sammān : a popular Sufi Islamic movement in South Sulawesi, Indonesia (1820s-1998)Ubaedillah, Achmad
Dec-2011Kustumbre, modernity and resistance the subaltern narrative in Chamorro language musicClement, Michael Richard
2004"A land set apart" : disease, displacement, & death at Makanalua, MolokaʻiInglis, Kerri A.
1991The legionary horsemen: an essay on the equites legionis and equites promotiPavkovič, Michael F.