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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1931The United States and SamoaSchleicher, Charles P.
1939The American-Japanese controversy over the island of YapLee, Rosalie Leong
1951Primacy of the Pacific under the Hawaiian KingdomHorn, Jason
1958Early Transpacific aviation, 1930-1941Bartow, Thomas P.
1960Polynesian religious revivals: a study with backgroundDaws, Gavan
1960American annexation proposals and acquisitions in Polynesia, 1842-1872Barrett, Gwynn William
Sep-1966History of the College of HawaiiKittelson, David J.
Dec-2002The Search for Modernity: Literature and Vietnamese Nationalism, 1900-1939Do, Mimi H.
Dec-2002Women of the Strip: A Gendered History of Las VegasDunston, Darlene B.
Dec-2002Red, White, and Shades of Gray: The Development and Entrenchment of Confederate Ideology in America, 1865-1939Tom, Kevin
Dec-2002He Puke Mele Lahui: Na Mele Kupa'a, Na Mele Ku'e A Me Na Mele Aloha 0 Na Kanaka MaoliBasham, J.J. Leilani
Dec-2002Splinters of Sandalwood, Islands of 'Iliahi: Rethinking Deforestation in Hawai'i, 1811-1843Cottrell, Christopher A.
May-2003Murder, rape, and martial law: a dual-system of justice for Hawai'i's Japanese, 1928-1944Nakamura, Kelli Y.
2004A lens of liminality : an interpretive biography of Charles Warren Stoddard, 1843-1909James, John-Gabriel H.
2005The fragile masculinity of Jack Tar : gender and English-speaking sailors, 1750-1850Cook, Kealani R.
2005Frayed memories and incomplete identities : the impact of the Algerian War on the pieds noirs, Algerian women, and the Algerian stateWong, Naiad N.
2005Kalinga : reconstructing a regional history from the sixth century BCE to the first century BCESkinner, Michael C.
2005Heir of the dog : canine influences on Charles Darwin's theories of natural selectionFeller, David Allan
2007Red Hawaii : the postwar containment of communists in the Territory of HawaiiBoyes, Alan D.
2007Khmer-Americans : the shaping of a diasporic identity through traumatic memoryKoo, Ryan Jonathan