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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2002He Puke Mele Lahui: Na Mele Kupa'a, Na Mele Ku'e A Me Na Mele Aloha 0 Na Kanaka MaoliBasham, J.J. Leilani
2005Heir of the dog : canine influences on Charles Darwin's theories of natural selectionFeller, David Allan
Sep-1966History of the College of HawaiiKittelson, David J.
Aug-2012I had to beat him for a cause : black heavyweight champions as icons of resistanceNewalu, Michael Christopher
May-2011Identity under (threat of) fire : Cathar identity and community in the thirteenth-century LauragaisHevert, Joshua Paul
2005Kalinga : reconstructing a regional history from the sixth century BCE to the first century BCESkinner, Michael C.
2007Khmer-Americans : the shaping of a diasporic identity through traumatic memoryKoo, Ryan Jonathan
Aug-2014Language, nation, and empire : the search for common languages during the second world warUtley, James Andrew
2008The last man standing : causes of daimyo survival in sixteenth century JapanBender, John E.
2004A lens of liminality : an interpretive biography of Charles Warren Stoddard, 1843-1909James, John-Gabriel H.
2008The making of a cyborg society: South Korea's information revolution 1997-2007Clemens, Jonathan
May-2003Murder, rape, and martial law: a dual-system of justice for Hawai'i's Japanese, 1928-1944Nakamura, Kelli Y.
Aug-2014Negotiating colonial modernity : Filipinas as consumers and citizens in the American Colonial Philippines, 1901-1937Dacanay, Katherine Everett
May-2014Not that innocent : gender and sexuality in millennial pop music at the turn of the twenty-first centuryTakahashi, Troy Chotaro
1960Polynesian religious revivals: a study with backgroundDaws, Gavan
1951Primacy of the Pacific under the Hawaiian KingdomHorn, Jason
2008Psychological conquest : Pilgrims, Indians and the plague of 1616-1618Fink, Alyson J.
2007Red Hawaii : the postwar containment of communists in the Territory of HawaiiBoyes, Alan D.
Dec-2002Red, White, and Shades of Gray: The Development and Entrenchment of Confederate Ideology in America, 1865-1939Tom, Kevin
2008Sanctioned violations : mass rape as a strategy of war in the twentieth centuryMiller, Leslie Ann