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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1931The United States and SamoaSchleicher, Charles P.
1939The American-Japanese controversy over the island of YapLee, Rosalie Leong
1951Primacy of the Pacific under the Hawaiian KingdomHorn, Jason
1958Early Transpacific aviation, 1930-1941Bartow, Thomas P.
1960Polynesian religious revivals: a study with backgroundDaws, Gavan
1960American annexation proposals and acquisitions in Polynesia, 1842-1872Barrett, Gwynn William
1964American official attitudes towards the Indian nationalist movement, 1905-1929Singh, Diwakar Prasad
1964American Protestant missionaries in India: a study of their activities and influence, 1813-1910 (as drawn chiefly from missionary sources)Pathak, Sushil Madhava
1966Honolulu - the first century influences in the development of the town to 1876Daws, Gavan
Sep-1966History of the College of HawaiiKittelson, David J.
1968Commitment to change : a history of Malayan educational policy, 1945-1957Fennell, Thomas Rixon
1971Neo-Hinduism and militant politics in Bengal, 1875-1910Choudhury, Barbara Southard
1971The significance of Ryukyu in Satsuma finances during the Tokugawa periodSakihara, Mitsugu
1975The Specter of Communism in Hawaii, 1947-53Holmes, Thomas Michael
1975An unbroken witness : conscientious objection to war, 1948-1953Larson, Zelle Andrews
1975Shimazu Shigehide, 1745-1833 : a case study of daimyo leadershipMatsui, Masato
1976Institutional developments in Korea under the Chʻoe House, 1196-1258Shultz, Edward John
1977Portents and politics in early Yi Korea, 1392-1519Pak, Sŏng-nae, 1939
1977British and Canadian immigration to the United States since 1920Lines, Kenneth
1978Rural reconstruction movement in Kiangsu Province, 1917-1937 : educators turn to rural reformLee, Byung Joo