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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Sanctioned violations : mass rape as a strategy of war in the twentieth centuryMiller, Leslie Ann
Dec-2002The Search for Modernity: Literature and Vietnamese Nationalism, 1900-1939Do, Mimi H.
1975Shimazu Shigehide, 1745-1833 : a case study of daimyo leadershipMatsui, Masato
1971The significance of Ryukyu in Satsuma finances during the Tokugawa periodSakihara, Mitsugu
1986Sojourners among strangers : the first two companies of missionaries to the Sandwich IslandsWagner, Sandra Elaine
1975The Specter of Communism in Hawaii, 1947-53Holmes, Thomas Michael
Dec-2002Splinters of Sandalwood, Islands of 'Iliahi: Rethinking Deforestation in Hawai'i, 1811-1843Cottrell, Christopher A.
2008Suspected criminals, spies, and "human secret weapons" : The evolution of Japanese-American representations in political and cultural discourse from Hawai'i to Japan, 1880--1950sNakamura, Kelli Y.
2008Travel, science, and empire : The Russian Geographical Society's expeditions to Central Eurasia, 1845--1905Bailey, Scott C. Matsushita
1975An unbroken witness : conscientious objection to war, 1948-1953Larson, Zelle Andrews
1990The United States and India's struggle for nonalignment, 1947-1956Rahman, Md. Azizur
1931The United States and SamoaSchleicher, Charles P.
1989United States foreign policy in South Asia : the liberation struggle in Bangladesh and the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971Chowdhury, Rashid A.
1984Upon a stone altar : a history of the Island of Ponape from the beginnings of foreign contact to 1890Hanlon, David L.
1994Weaving a cloak of discipline : Hawaiʻi's Catholic schools, 1840-1941Alvarez, Patricia M.
Dec-2002Women of the Strip: A Gendered History of Las VegasDunston, Darlene B.