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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982Oi no shō and private rights to land in Heian JapanMesner, Thomas H.
Aug-2003The open door: early modern Wajorese statecraft and diasporaAnderson, Kathryn Gay
1995The opium empire : Japan and the East Asian drug trade, 1895-1945Jennings, John M, 1962
1978A political history of the Kawasaki Region, 1860-1890Waters, Neil LeRoy
1960Polynesian religious revivals: a study with backgroundDaws, Gavan
1977Portents and politics in early Yi Korea, 1392-1519Pak, Sŏng-nae, 1939
Dec-2012Poverty management and urban governance in modern Osaka, 1871-1944Porter, John Patrick
2003Powerful warriors and influential clergy : interaction and conflict between the Kamakura bakufu and religious institutionsRon, Roy
1951Primacy of the Pacific under the Hawaiian KingdomHorn, Jason
2008Psychological conquest : Pilgrims, Indians and the plague of 1616-1618Fink, Alyson J.
2007Red Hawaii : the postwar containment of communists in the Territory of HawaiiBoyes, Alan D.
Dec-2002Red, White, and Shades of Gray: The Development and Entrenchment of Confederate Ideology in America, 1865-1939Tom, Kevin
Dec-2014The rules of heart : Nakayama Shimpei's popular songs in the history of Modern JapanPatterson, Patrick Marc
1978Rural reconstruction movement in Kiangsu Province, 1917-1937 : educators turn to rural reformLee, Byung Joo
2008Sanctioned violations : mass rape as a strategy of war in the twentieth centuryMiller, Leslie Ann
Dec-2002The Search for Modernity: Literature and Vietnamese Nationalism, 1900-1939Do, Mimi H.
Aug-2011Seeds deferred : Japanese agrarian development, rōnō and the transformation under industrialismWitten, Adam Phillip Joseph
1975Shimazu Shigehide, 1745-1833 : a case study of daimyo leadershipMatsui, Masato
1971The significance of Ryukyu in Satsuma finances during the Tokugawa periodSakihara, Mitsugu
1986Sojourners among strangers : the first two companies of missionaries to the Sandwich IslandsWagner, Sandra Elaine