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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Kalinga : reconstructing a regional history from the sixth century BCE to the first century BCESkinner, Michael C.
Aug-2011Khalwatiah Sammān : a popular Sufi Islamic movement in South Sulawesi, Indonesia (1820s-1998)Ubaedillah, Achmad
2007Khmer-Americans : the shaping of a diasporic identity through traumatic memoryKoo, Ryan Jonathan
Dec-2011Kustumbre, modernity and resistance the subaltern narrative in Chamorro language musicClement, Michael Richard
2004"A land set apart" : disease, displacement, & death at Makanalua, MolokaʻiInglis, Kerri A.
Aug-2014Language, nation, and empire : the search for common languages during the second world warUtley, James Andrew
2008The last man standing : causes of daimyo survival in sixteenth century JapanBender, John E.
1991The legionary horsemen: an essay on the equites legionis and equites promotiPavkovič, Michael F.
2004A lens of liminality : an interpretive biography of Charles Warren Stoddard, 1843-1909James, John-Gabriel H.
1995The Lin Biao incident : a study of extra-institutional factors in the Cultural RevolutionQiu, Jin
Aug-2011Localizing Islamic orthodoxy in northern coastal Java in the late 19th and early 20th centuries : a study of pegon Islamic textsUmam, Saiful
2008The making of a cyborg society: South Korea's information revolution 1997-2007Clemens, Jonathan
1985The making of a Sino-Marxist world view, writing world history in the People's Republic of ChinaMartin, Dorothea A.L.
Aug-2014Making the first global trade route : the southeast Asian foundations of the Acapulco-Manila galleon trade, 1519-1650Peterson, Andrew Christian
2004Mapping Manchuria : the Japanese production of knowledge in Manchuria-Manchukuo to 1945Treiber, John Karl
Aug-2014Monstrous projections and paradisal visions : Japanese conceptualizations of the south seas (nan'yō) as a supernatural space from ancient times to the contemporary periodOmbrello, Mark Alan
1995Moʻolelo kaukau aliʻi : the dynamics of chiefly service and identity in ʻōiwi societyYoung, George Terry
May-2003Murder, rape, and martial law: a dual-system of justice for Hawai'i's Japanese, 1928-1944Nakamura, Kelli Y.
Aug-2014Negotiating colonial modernity : Filipinas as consumers and citizens in the American Colonial Philippines, 1901-1937Dacanay, Katherine Everett
Aug-2003Negotiating freedom in St. Johns County, Florida, 1812-1862Marotti, Frank