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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Radiative temperature measurements of the Puu Oʻo - Kupaianaha eruption with implications for satellite remote sensingFlynn, Luke Paul
2005Recent volcanic and tectonic evolution of the Southern Mariana arcBecker, Nathan C.
Dec-2014A remote analysis of the lunar landscapeTrang, David
1983Seamount paleomagnetism and Pacific plate tectonicsSager, W. W (William W.)
1993Sediment shear Q from horizontal component airgun OBS dataBromirski, Peter D.
1992Sedimentary and tectonic processes along the Peru-Chile trenchHagen, Ricky Allen
1991Seismic anisotropy and velocity-porosity relationships in the seafloorBerge, Patricia A.
1992Seismic studies of the island of Hawaii and Loihi SeamountBryan, Carol J.
1971Some trace elements in lavas from the Lau Islands, Tofua, Tonga, and Tutuila, American SamoaFein, Charles D.
1984Spectral reflectance of carbonate minerals and rocks in the visible and near infrared (0.35 to 2.55[mu]m) and its applications in carbonate petrologyGaffey, Susan Jenks
1983Spectral reflectance of near-earth asteroids : implications for composition, origin and evolutionMcFadden, Lucy-Ann Adams
1993Spectral reflectance studies and optical surface alteration in the search for links between meteorites and asteroidsClark, Beth Ellen
1972Statistical method in optical crystallography: technique and application to rock forming mineralsLangford, Stephen A.
2005Strombolian eruption dynamics from thermal (FLIR) video imageryPatrick, Matthew R.
May-1996Subsurface geology and hydrogeology of downtown Honolulu with engineering and environmental implicationsFinstick, Sure Ann
13-Dec-2011The Subsurface Resistivity Structure of Kilauea Volcano, Hawai'iKauahikaua, James P.
1991Tectonic deformation in the North Fiji BasinJarvis, Philip Andrew
1986Tectonic stress regime of the Cascades region and tectonic classification of large calderasFerrall, Charles C.
1991Tectonic, sedimentary, and volcanic processes associated with rifting of the central Bonin island arcBrown, Glenn R.
2008Understanding the composition and evolution of the Martian surface using thermal infrared laboratory analyses and remote sensingKoeppen, William Carl