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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Magma degassing during the 1912 eruption of Novarupta, Alaska : textural analyses of pyroclasts representing changes in eruptive intensity and styleAdams, Nancy K.
1965Magnetic surveys over the Hawaiian ridge and their geologic implicationsMalahoff, Alexander, 1939
1976Magnetic variations (2-30 cpd) on Hawaii Island and mantle electrical conductivityKlein, Douglas Pyner
1992Mid-ocean ridge magmatism : style of mantle upwelling, partial melting, crustal level processes, and spreading rate dependence - a petrologic approachNiu, Yaoling
1993Morphology, seismic stratigraphy, and flexure modeling of selected guyots in the Marshall IslandsBergersen, Douglas Donald
1991Multichannel seismic and swath-mapping investigations of the Izu-Bonin island arcKlaus, Adam
2004New evidence for ice shelf flow across the Alaska and Beaufort Margins, Arctic OceanEngels, Jennifer L.
1994Partial melting of the acapulcoite-lodranite meteorite parent bodyMcCoy, Timothy J.
1989Petrology and petrogenesis of recent submarine volcanics from the Northern Mariana arc and back-arc basinJackson, M. C (Michael Claar)
1974Phosphorite deposits from the sea floor off Peru and Chile : radiochemical and geochemical investigations concerning their originBurnett, William C.
1977Pressure dependence of the elastic moduli of body-centered-cubic transition metalsKatahara, Keith W.
1992Radiative temperature measurements of the Puu Oʻo - Kupaianaha eruption with implications for satellite remote sensingFlynn, Luke Paul
2005Recent volcanic and tectonic evolution of the Southern Mariana arcBecker, Nathan C.
Dec-2014A remote analysis of the lunar landscapeTrang, David
1983Seamount paleomagnetism and Pacific plate tectonicsSager, W. W (William W.)
1993Sediment shear Q from horizontal component airgun OBS dataBromirski, Peter D.
1992Sedimentary and tectonic processes along the Peru-Chile trenchHagen, Ricky Allen
1991Seismic anisotropy and velocity-porosity relationships in the seafloorBerge, Patricia A.
1992Seismic studies of the island of Hawaii and Loihi SeamountBryan, Carol J.
1971Some trace elements in lavas from the Lau Islands, Tofua, Tonga, and Tutuila, American SamoaFein, Charles D.