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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987Late Miocene hiatuses and related events in the Central Equatorial Pacific : their depositional imprint and paleoceanographic implicationsDorn, Wolfgang Ulrich
1992Late pliocene to quaternary turbidites and productivity fluctuations in the central pacific basin : inducement by sea-level changeLineberger, Patrick H.
1994Lava flow dynamics : clues from fractal analysisBruno, Barbara Cabezal
May-2014Lava--substrate heat transfer : implications for the preservation of volatiles in the lunar regolithRumpf, Mary Elise
1992Long-term ambient ocean noise, 0.05-30 Hz, from the Wake Island Hydrophone ArrayMcCreery, Charles Stoddard
2004Magma degassing during the 1912 eruption of Novarupta, Alaska : textural analyses of pyroclasts representing changes in eruptive intensity and styleAdams, Nancy K.
1965Magnetic surveys over the Hawaiian ridge and their geologic implicationsMalahoff, Alexander, 1939
1976Magnetic variations (2-30 cpd) on Hawaii Island and mantle electrical conductivityKlein, Douglas Pyner
1992Mid-ocean ridge magmatism : style of mantle upwelling, partial melting, crustal level processes, and spreading rate dependence - a petrologic approachNiu, Yaoling
1993Morphology, seismic stratigraphy, and flexure modeling of selected guyots in the Marshall IslandsBergersen, Douglas Donald
1991Multichannel seismic and swath-mapping investigations of the Izu-Bonin island arcKlaus, Adam
2004New evidence for ice shelf flow across the Alaska and Beaufort Margins, Arctic OceanEngels, Jennifer L.
1994Partial melting of the acapulcoite-lodranite meteorite parent bodyMcCoy, Timothy J.
1989Petrology and petrogenesis of recent submarine volcanics from the Northern Mariana arc and back-arc basinJackson, M. C (Michael Claar)
Dec-2012Petrology of enstatite chondrites and anomalous enstatite achondritesVan Niekerk, Deon
1974Phosphorite deposits from the sea floor off Peru and Chile : radiochemical and geochemical investigations concerning their originBurnett, William C.
1977Pressure dependence of the elastic moduli of body-centered-cubic transition metalsKatahara, Keith W.
1992Radiative temperature measurements of the Puu Oʻo - Kupaianaha eruption with implications for satellite remote sensingFlynn, Luke Paul
2005Recent volcanic and tectonic evolution of the Southern Mariana arcBecker, Nathan C.
Dec-2014A remote analysis of the lunar landscapeTrang, David