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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992The application of remotely sensed data to studies of volcanism within the Galápagos IslandsMunro, Duncan Crawford
1991Applications of remotely sensed data to geological problemsBlake, Pamela Lea
Dec-2014The aqueous alteration of carbon-bearing phases in CR carbonaceous chondritesGasda, Patrick James
1992Aspects of pyroclastic flow movement and emplacementHayashi, Joan N.
Dec-1996Assessment of nitrate leaching in the unsaturated zone on OahuLing, Ge
1990Atoll island hydrogeology : conceptual and numerical modelsUnderwood, Mark Roland
1990Composition and distribution of carbonates, sulfates, and hydrates on the Martian surface from earthbased spectroscopy between 3 [micrometers]-5 [micrometers]Blaney, Diana L.
2005Compressibility of hydrated and anhydrous sodium silicate-based liquids and glasses, as analogues for natural silicate melts, by brillouin scattering sepctroscopyTkachev, Sergey Nikolayevech
Dec-2003Crustal motion studies in the Southwest Pacific: geodetic measurements of plate convergence in Tonga, Vanuatu and the Soloman IslandsPhillips, David A.
1994Dynamical equilibration of a spatially periodic flow of conducting fluid with an embedded magnetic field : toward a self-consistent alpha-squared dynamo modelMcMillan, Jack Frederick
1977Earth deformation in response to surface loading : application to the formation of the Hawaiian ridgeSuyenaga, W (Wayne)
Aug-2014Effects of variable magma supply on magma reservoirs and eruption characteristics along the Galápagos spreading centerColman, Alice Lee
1991Evaluation of mineral exploration potential based on the multi-element analysis of stream sediments and mineral deposit modelling, Central NepalShrestha, Rajendra B.
2005Evolution of dynamic volcanic landscapesBailey, John E, 1974
1991Evolution of the Northern Mariana forearc between 19-21⁰ N : petrologic and tectonic evidence for accretion and the formation of a petrologically diverse forearc crustal sectionJohnson, Lynne Ellen
1992The ferric mineralogy of MarsBell, J. F (James Francis)
1990Fracture estimation in anisotropic mediaHood, Julie A.
1992Geochronology and petrology of the Musicians Seamounts, and the search for hot spot volcanism in the Cretaceous PacificPringle, Malcolm S. Jr.
2004Geodetic studies of geodynamic processes in the central and southern AndesKendrick, Eric C.
1974A geohydrologic investigation of Honolulu's basal waters based on isotopic and chemical analyses of water samplesHufen, Theodorus Hendrikus