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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Geodetic studies of geodynamic processes in the central and southern AndesKendrick, Eric C.
1974A geohydrologic investigation of Honolulu's basal waters based on isotopic and chemical analyses of water samplesHufen, Theodorus Hendrikus
1982The geologic history of the southern Line IslandsHaggerty, Janet A.
1990Geology and hydrogeology of the island of Pohnpei, Federated States of MicronesiaSpengler, Steven R.
1992Geology and petrochemistry of the Torfajokull central volcano in Central South Iceland, in association with the Icelandic hot spot and rift zonesIvarsson, Gretar
1966The geology and petrology of the Manu'a Islands, American SamoaStice, Gary Dennis
1990Geomorphologic impact of the subducting Nazca plate on the southern Peru (14 degree S-16 degree S)-northern Chile (17 degree S-20 degree S) continental marginLi, Chang, Ph.D
1993A geophysical investigation of the Nova-Canton Trough : the key to the Late Cretaceous evolution of the Central PacificJoseph, Deborah
1995Geophysical investigations of the Reykjanes Ridge and Kolbeinsey Ridge seafloor spreading centersAppelgate, Bruce
2002GPS meteorology and the phenomenology of precipitable waterFoster, James H.
May-2013Historical shoreline changes on beaches of the Hawaiian islands with relation to human impacts, sea level, and other influences on beach dynamicsRomine, Bradley Moore
2002Holocene sedimentary and aquatic biogeochemical responses reflected in Ordy Pond, Oahʻu, Hawai'i, and, contemporary modeling of submarine groundwater discharge in Kahana Bay, Oahʻu, HawaiʻiGarrison, Geoffrey Hjorth
Dec-2007Hydraulic Parameter Estimation Using Aquifer Tests, Specific Capacity, Ocean Tides, and Wave Setup for Hawai'i AquifersRotzoll, Kolja
1995The hydrothermal system of the lower east rift zone of Kilauea volcano : conceptual and numerical models of energy and solute transportGingerich, Stephen B
Aug-2012Identification and quantification of submarine groundwater discharge in the Hawaiian islandsKelly, Jacque Lynn
1995The influence of microfossil content on the physical properties of calcareous sediments from the Ontong Java PlateauMarsters, Janice Christine
May-2014Interactions of galactic cosmic rays with the lunar surfaceCrites, Sarah T.
1996The internal structure of lava flows : insights from AMS measurementsCañón-Tapia, Edgardo
1993Investigations of asteroid family geologyGranahan, James Charles
Dec-2013Landslide deformation character inferred from terrestrial laser scanner dataAryal, Arjun