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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1965The geology of Ofu and Olosega Islands, Manu'a group, American SamoaMcCoy, Floyd Warren
1965A study of the northwestern Pacific upper mantleWalker, Daniel A.
1976Electromagnetic transient soundings on the east rift geothermal area of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii: a study of interpretational techniquesKauahikaua, James
May-1977Shoaling of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii, in the period 1927 to 1976, based on bathymetric, sedimentological and geophysical studiesHollett, Kenneth J.
Aug-1981Geothermal and ground water exploration on Maui, Hawaii, by applying D.C. electrical soundingsMattice, Mark D
May-1985Dikewater Relationships to Potential Geothermal Resources on Leeward West Maui, State of HawaiiKennedy, Kevin
1-May-1995A conceptual model of shallow groundwater flow within the lower east rift zone of Kilauea Volcano, HawaiiNovak, Elizabeth A.
Dec-2002Large-Scale Beach Change: Kaanapali, Hawai'iEversole, Dolan
Dec-2002- Waikiki - Analysis of an Engineered ShorelineMiller, Tara L.
Dec-2002Efficient Materials Mapping Using Hyperspectral Imaging DataSteutel, Donovan
May-2003Emplacement of deep submarine lava flows on the North Hawaiian Arch: a study of thermal and rheological evolution using a numerical modelMorris, Aisha R.
Aug-2003Plume-ridge interaction along the Galapagos spreading center, 90 30'W to 98 W: a hydrous melting model to explain variations in observed glass compositionsCushman, Buffy Jolene
Aug-2003Holocene reef accretion: Southwest Molokai, Hawai'iEngels, Mary S.
Dec-2003Cenozoic changes in Pacific absolute plate motionSterling, Nile Akel Kevis
Dec-2003A mathematical model for the deformations achievable by a slightly extensible spherical capZhou, Hao
Dec-2003Sea and land level changes in Hawai'iCaccamise, Dana J.
May-2004Causes And Consequences Of Off-Axis Volcanism On The East Pacific Rise 9°25' -9°57'N: Implications For The Rapid Thickening Of Seismic Layer 2AKurokawa, Tomoko
May-2004Normal Fault Growth In Three DimensionsKaven, Joern Ole
Aug-2004Re-Examination Of The Magnetic Lineations Of The Gascoyne And Cuvier Abyssal Plains, Off NW AustraliaRobb, Masako S.
Aug-2004Soil Gas δ13C Values And CO2 Concentrations On The Southeast Slope Of Mauna Kea: Implications For Palaeoclimate And HydrogeologySmid, Elaine R.