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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2003Sea and land level changes in Hawai'iCaccamise, Dana J.
Aug-2011Seismic shear-wave structure of the upper mantle beneath the Mohns RidgeConley, Michaela Mercedes
Aug-2005Separation Of Regional And Residual Components Of Bathymetry Using Directonal Median FilteringKim, Seung-Sep
May-1977Shoaling of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii, in the period 1927 to 1976, based on bathymetric, sedimentological and geophysical studiesHollett, Kenneth J.
Aug-2004Soil Gas δ13C Values And CO2 Concentrations On The Southeast Slope Of Mauna Kea: Implications For Palaeoclimate And HydrogeologySmid, Elaine R.
2007Structural restoration and application of dynamic Coulomb wedge theory to the Nankai Trough accretionary wedge toeStuder, Melody A.
1965A study of the northwestern Pacific upper mantleWalker, Daniel A.
Dec-2004Submarine Groundwater Discharge: Freshwater And Nutrient Input Into Hawaii's Coastal ZoneMcgowan, Marc P.
Dec-2004Submarine Growth Of A Hawaiian Shield Volcano Based On Volcaniclastics in The Hawaiian Scientific Drilling Project 2 CoreBridges, Kate Phillippa
2006Surface wave tomography of the upper mantle beneath the Reykjanes RidgeDelorey, Andrew A.
May-2014Temporal and spatial patterns of sea-level rise impacts to coastal wetlands and other ecosystemsKane, Haunani Hiilani
2006Thermal infrared weathering trajectories in Hawaiian basalts : results from airborne, field and laboratory observationsCarlisle, Orion
Aug-2004Two Forms Of Secondary Hawaiian VolcanismBianco, Todd Anthony
2006Volume and petrologic characteristics of the Koloa volcanics, Kauaʻi, HawaiʻiGandy, Christian Erick
Dec-2002- Waikiki - Analysis of an Engineered ShorelineMiller, Tara L.