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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2002Efficient Materials Mapping Using Hyperspectral Imaging DataSteutel, Donovan
13-Dec-2011Electromagnetic transient soundings on the east rift geothermal area of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii: a study of interpretational techniquesKauahikaua, James
May-2003Emplacement of deep submarine lava flows on the North Hawaiian Arch: a study of thermal and rheological evolution using a numerical modelMorris, Aisha R.
2006Evidence for locally-derived, ultramafic intracrater materials in Amazonis Planitia, MarsSchneider, Romy D.
2008Geochemical variations of Kauaʻi Island and South Kauaʻi swell volcanicsSwinnard, Lisa F.
Dec-2004Geologic Mapping And Petrology Of The Submarine Radial Vents On Mauna Loa Volcano Hawai'iWanless, V. Dorsey
1965The geology of Ofu and Olosega Islands, Manu'a group, American SamoaMcCoy, Floyd Warren
Dec-2004A Geophysical Investigation Of The Gulf Of Corinth, GreeceWeiss, Jonathan R.
Aug-1981Geothermal and ground water exploration on Maui, Hawaii, by applying D.C. electrical soundingsMattice, Mark D
13-Dec-2011Ground radon surveys for geothermal exploration in Hawaii (Masters Thesis)Cox, Malcom E.
2008Groundwater discharge from the leeward half of the Big Island, HawaiʻiJohnson, Adam G.
2008Historical shoreline trends and management implications : Southeast Oahu, HawaiʻiRomine, Bradley M.
Aug-2003Holocene reef accretion: Southwest Molokai, Hawai'iEngels, Mary S.
2005Identification and characterization of sand deposit distribution on Oahu fringing reefs, HawaiiConger, Christopher L.
2006Improving the quality control of marine geophysical trackline dataChandler, Michael T.
Dec-2002Large-Scale Beach Change: Kaanapali, Hawai'iEversole, Dolan
Dec-2004Leucocratic & Gabbroic Xenoliths From Hualalai Volcano, Hawai'iShamberger, Patrick J.
2008Magmatic processes at the Gala̓pagos 93.25° W overlapping spreading centerRotella, Melissa D.
2006Mariana forearc basin evolution from 14°N to 18°N : a seismic stratigraphic analysisChapp, Emily
Dec-2003A mathematical model for the deformations achievable by a slightly extensible spherical capZhou, Hao