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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2002Large-Scale Beach Change: Kaanapali, Hawai'iEversole, Dolan
Dec-2004Leucocratic & Gabbroic Xenoliths From Hualalai Volcano, Hawai'iShamberger, Patrick J.
2008Magmatic processes at the Gala̓pagos 93.25° W overlapping spreading centerRotella, Melissa D.
2006Mariana forearc basin evolution from 14°N to 18°N : a seismic stratigraphic analysisChapp, Emily
Dec-2003A mathematical model for the deformations achievable by a slightly extensible spherical capZhou, Hao
2007Nearshore hydrodynamics at Kaanapali, Maui & Hawaii extreme wave statisticsVitousek, Sean
May-2004Normal Fault Growth In Three DimensionsKaven, Joern Ole
Aug-2014Osmium geochemical behavior and global isotopic changes associated with the cretaceous-paleogene impactZaiss-Bowman, Jessica Mae
May-2014Our food in a changing climate : growth, yield, and nutrient changes of sweet potato grown across the spectrum of CO2 concentrations projected in the next 150 yearsCzeck, Benjamin Carl
May-2014Perception of vulnerability relating to sea level rise and climate change in island communities : insights from HawaiʻiLarin, Penny Nicole
Dec-2014Petrology and geochemistry of boninites and related lavas from the Mata Volcanoes, NE Lau BasinGlancy, Sarah Elizabeth
Aug-2003Plume-ridge interaction along the Galapagos spreading center, 90 30'W to 98 W: a hydrous melting model to explain variations in observed glass compositionsCushman, Buffy Jolene
Aug-2005The Predictive Accuracy Of Shoreline Change Rate Methods And Alongshore Beach Variation On Maui, Hawai'iGenz, Ayesha S.
Aug-2004Re-Examination Of The Magnetic Lineations Of The Gascoyne And Cuvier Abyssal Plains, Off NW AustraliaRobb, Masako S.
Dec-2003Sea and land level changes in Hawai'iCaccamise, Dana J.
Aug-2011Seismic shear-wave structure of the upper mantle beneath the Mohns RidgeConley, Michaela Mercedes
Aug-2005Separation Of Regional And Residual Components Of Bathymetry Using Directonal Median FilteringKim, Seung-Sep
May-1977Shoaling of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii, in the period 1927 to 1976, based on bathymetric, sedimentological and geophysical studiesHollett, Kenneth J.
Aug-2004Soil Gas δ13C Values And CO2 Concentrations On The Southeast Slope Of Mauna Kea: Implications For Palaeoclimate And HydrogeologySmid, Elaine R.
2007Structural restoration and application of dynamic Coulomb wedge theory to the Nankai Trough accretionary wedge toeStuder, Melody A.