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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992The application of remotely sensed data to studies of volcanism within the Galápagos IslandsMunro, Duncan Crawford
1991Applications of remotely sensed data to geological problemsBlake, Pamela Lea
Dec-2014The aqueous alteration of carbon-bearing phases in CR carbonaceous chondritesGasda, Patrick James
2007Aqueous alteration of olivine in nakhlite Miller Range (MIL) 03346Stopar, Julie D.
1992Aspects of pyroclastic flow movement and emplacementHayashi, Joan N.
Dec-1996Assessment of nitrate leaching in the unsaturated zone on OahuLing, Ge
1990Atoll island hydrogeology : conceptual and numerical modelsUnderwood, Mark Roland
2007Automated rugosity values from high frequency multibeam sonar data for benthic habitat classificationDiurba, Erin S.
May-2014The case for a chron 21 change in Africa absolute plate motionMaher, Sarah May
May-2004Causes And Consequences Of Off-Axis Volcanism On The East Pacific Rise 9°25' -9°57'N: Implications For The Rapid Thickening Of Seismic Layer 2AKurokawa, Tomoko
Dec-2003Cenozoic changes in Pacific absolute plate motionSterling, Nile Akel Kevis
Dec-2004Characterization Of The Lithological Contact In The Shergottite Elephant Moraine A79001: A Record Of Igneous Differentiation Processes On MarsNiekerk, Deon Van
Aug-2005A Complete Space-Based Synopsis Of Eruption Dynamics: The 2002 Eruption Of Reventador Volcano, EcuadorMoxey, Lucas E.
1990Composition and distribution of carbonates, sulfates, and hydrates on the Martian surface from earthbased spectroscopy between 3 [micrometers]-5 [micrometers]Blaney, Diana L.
2005Compressibility of hydrated and anhydrous sodium silicate-based liquids and glasses, as analogues for natural silicate melts, by brillouin scattering sepctroscopyTkachev, Sergey Nikolayevech
1-May-1995A conceptual model of shallow groundwater flow within the lower east rift zone of Kilauea Volcano, HawaiiNovak, Elizabeth A.
Dec-2003Crustal motion studies in the Southwest Pacific: geodetic measurements of plate convergence in Tonga, Vanuatu and the Soloman IslandsPhillips, David A.
May-1985Dikewater Relationships to Potential Geothermal Resources on Leeward West Maui, State of HawaiiKennedy, Kevin
1994Dynamical equilibration of a spatially periodic flow of conducting fluid with an embedded magnetic field : toward a self-consistent alpha-squared dynamo modelMcMillan, Jack Frederick
1977Earth deformation in response to surface loading : application to the formation of the Hawaiian ridgeSuyenaga, W (Wayne)