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1965Magnetic surveys over the Hawaiian ridge and their geologic implicationsMalahoff, Alexander, 1939
1965The geology of Ofu and Olosega Islands, Manu'a group, American SamoaMcCoy, Floyd Warren
1965A study of the northwestern Pacific upper mantleWalker, Daniel A.
1966The geology and petrology of the Manu'a Islands, American SamoaStice, Gary Dennis
1971Some trace elements in lavas from the Lau Islands, Tofua, Tonga, and Tutuila, American SamoaFein, Charles D.
1972Statistical method in optical crystallography: technique and application to rock forming mineralsLangford, Stephen A.
1974Phosphorite deposits from the sea floor off Peru and Chile : radiochemical and geochemical investigations concerning their originBurnett, William C.
1974A geohydrologic investigation of Honolulu's basal waters based on isotopic and chemical analyses of water samplesHufen, Theodorus Hendrikus
1976Magnetic variations (2-30 cpd) on Hawaii Island and mantle electrical conductivityKlein, Douglas Pyner
1976Electromagnetic transient soundings on the east rift geothermal area of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii: a study of interpretational techniquesKauahikaua, James
1977Earth deformation in response to surface loading : application to the formation of the Hawaiian ridgeSuyenaga, W (Wayne)
1977Pressure dependence of the elastic moduli of body-centered-cubic transition metalsKatahara, Keith W.
May-1977Shoaling of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii, in the period 1927 to 1976, based on bathymetric, sedimentological and geophysical studiesHollett, Kenneth J.
Aug-1981Geothermal and ground water exploration on Maui, Hawaii, by applying D.C. electrical soundingsMattice, Mark D
1982The geologic history of the southern Line IslandsHaggerty, Janet A.
1983Seamount paleomagnetism and Pacific plate tectonicsSager, W. W (William W.)
1983Wastewater injection : near-well processes and their relationship to cloggingOberdorfer, June Ann
1983Spectral reflectance of near-earth asteroids : implications for composition, origin and evolutionMcFadden, Lucy-Ann Adams
1984Spectral reflectance of carbonate minerals and rocks in the visible and near infrared (0.35 to 2.55[mu]m) and its applications in carbonate petrologyGaffey, Susan Jenks
May-1985Dikewater Relationships to Potential Geothermal Resources on Leeward West Maui, State of HawaiiKennedy, Kevin