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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Agricultural change as an adaptive process : adoption of modern methods and responses to pest outbreaks by rice farmers in Chachoengsao Province, Central ThailandStone, Frederick Doren
1993Automatic extraction of terrain features from digital terrain data : a multifaceted studyLay, Jinn-Guey
1991Ban Yatra : a bio-cultural survey of sacred forests in Kathmandu ValleyMansberger, Joe R.
Dec-2003Biculturalism, resource management and indigenous self-determinationJohnson, Jay T.
1974Changing health environments through land development : the case of the Federal Land Development Authority in peninsular MalaysiaMeade, Melinda Sue
1985City attractiveness and internal migration in Korea : place uitility considerationsKim, Chang-Seok
1989Climatic controls on evaporation in HawaiiNullet, Dennis M.
1977Climatic water balance and agricultural production in the Northern Plains of West JavaResosudarmo, Sudjiran
1976Cognitive images of Hong Kong youth : a study of Chinese urban perceptionTravers, Lawrence Harrington
1973Communication, transportation and the decentralization of selected public services in New South Wales (Australia)Langdale, John V.
1995Contested images of place in a multicultural context : the ahupuaʻa of Kanaio and Aʻuahi, MauiBordner, Richard
1993Continuity and change in population movement : from inside a rural Nepali communitySubedi, Bhim Prasad
1993Defending the lagoons : insider/outsider struggles over the Tuamotuan pearl industryRapaport, Moshe
1990Delineating agroclimatic zones for deforested areas in Para State, BrazilBastos, Therezinha Xavier
1989The development of domestic water transportation in the PhilippinesBadon, Suzzette Brita
1981Development strategies in a lagging region : the case of centralized polarization in KoreaLee, Jeong-sik
2002The discourses (re)constructing the sacred geography of Kahoʻolawe Island, HawaiʻiChun, Allison A.
1995Enduring idylls? : a geographical study of tourism in Kona, Hawaiʻi IslandJohnston, Charles Samuel
2005Evaluation of nearshore coral reef condition and identification of indicators in the main Hawaiian islandsRodgers, Kuʻulei S.
Aug-2014The failure of agricultural policy reform in neoliberal Japan : the 2007 multi-product management stabilization planMiyake, Yoshitaka