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1972Land, food, and work in three Javanese villagesEdmundson, Wade Cowart
1973Interaction and communication in a Philippine barrio: a study of social space and social distanceParsons, John Sanford
1973Communication, transportation and the decentralization of selected public services in New South Wales (Australia)Langdale, John V.
1974Slope stability problems induced by human modification of the soil covered hill slopes of Oahu, HawaiiDe Silva, Gallay L.R.
1974Grassland creation in a montane tropical rainforest and its effects on soil-vegetation nutrient pools and nutrient cycles : a case study in the Gran Pajonal of eastern PeruScott, Geoffrey Arthur James
1974Changing health environments through land development : the case of the Federal Land Development Authority in peninsular MalaysiaMeade, Melinda Sue
1975The mobility field theory of human spatial behavior : a behavioral approach to the study of migration and circulation in the Indian situationMukherji, Shekhar
1975The salt industry of China, 1644-1911 : a study in historical geographyJiang, Daozhang; Chiang, Tao-chang
1976Cognitive images of Hong Kong youth : a study of Chinese urban perceptionTravers, Lawrence Harrington
1977Climatic water balance and agricultural production in the Northern Plains of West JavaResosudarmo, Sudjiran
1978Intra-urban migration and population redistribution in Victoria and Kowloon, Hong KongMiu, Kenneth Leung Kai
1978Population movement in wet rice communities : a case study of two dukuh in Yogyakarta Special RegionMantra, Ida Bagus
1979Residents leave paradise : a study of outmigration from Hawaii to the mainlandWright, Paul
1980The growth and spread of the Baha'i FaithHampson, Arthur
1980Image evaluation of Landsat data for monitoring change in forest vigor : the ohia rain forest decline on the Island of HawaiiRockie, John D.
1981Development strategies in a lagging region : the case of centralized polarization in KoreaLee, Jeong-sik
1982A medical geography of endemic goiter in Central JavaChapman, Barbara Anne
1983Agricultural change as an adaptive process : adoption of modern methods and responses to pest outbreaks by rice farmers in Chachoengsao Province, Central ThailandStone, Frederick Doren
1983Water balance of the Pearl Harbor-Honolulu Basin, 1946-1975Giambelluca, Thomas Warren
1984Marine parks and reserves : management for Philippine, Indonesian and Malaysian coastal reef environmentsWhite, Alan Tyler