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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The political ecology of scallop (Argopecten purpuratus) use and management in the Pisco-Paracas Region, southern Peruvian coastGonzalez, Ricardo M.
1995The political economy of land and housing for the urban poor in Bangkok : a case study in Klong Toey and Wat Chonglom settlementNopadon Sahachaisaeree
1978Population movement in wet rice communities : a case study of two dukuh in Yogyakarta Special RegionMantra, Ida Bagus
1991Rapid watershed assessment for outer island Indonesia with a Kalimantan case studySchweithelm, James
May-2012Re-localizing Japanese wine : the grape and wine clusters of Yamanashi Prefecture, JapanKingsbury, Aaron John
1994Residential gardens in urban Honolulu, Hawaiʻi : neighborhood, ethnicity and ornamental plantsIkagawa, Toshihiko
1979Residents leave paradise : a study of outmigration from Hawaii to the mainlandWright, Paul
Dec-2003The roles of protected areas in contemporary societies: resident, research and recreation on the islands of Yakushima, Japan and Maui, HawaiiCusick, John
1975The salt industry of China, 1644-1911 : a study in historical geographyJiang, Daozhang; Chiang, Tao-chang
1993Sea use planning : a case study of the Yellow SeaHuang, Yunlin
1974Slope stability problems induced by human modification of the soil covered hill slopes of Oahu, HawaiiDe Silva, Gallay L.R.
1994Small towns and rural development : a study of urban-rural relations in the hill region of NepalBajracharya, Bhishna Nanda
1988Socioeconomic factors associated with geographical variations in cerebrovascular disease in Miyagi Prefecture, JapanSato, Tokiko
1988Sustainable agriculture on slopes : the effectiveness of international development projects in fostering soil conservation in north ThailandHarper, Dave
Aug-2012Tangled up in pine : Māori perspectives on global industrial forestry in Aotearoa/New ZealandCastagna, Christine Naomi
Aug-2012The political ecology of food sovereignty movements in neoliberal IndiaLouis, Elizabeth Christina
Dec-2012The Samoan aidscape : situated knowledge and multiple realities of Japan's foreign aid to SāmoaTsujita, Masami
1986Type size selection in map design : a user-preference approachChu, Gregory H.
2002The Urak Lawoi and the complexity of sustainable resource use : the political ecology of change in the Adang Archipelago, Andaman Sea, ThailandWongbusarakum, Supin
Dec-2003Urban neighborhoods and environmental management: case studies from Ambom, Eastern IndonesiaMiller, Alyssa