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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2014The failure of agricultural policy reform in neoliberal Japan : the 2007 multi-product management stabilization planMiyake, Yoshitaka
2004Faʻa-Samoa and population movement from the inside out: the case of Salelologa, SavaiʻiLilomaiava-Doktor, Saʻiliemanu
2004Foraging landscape of the Hawaiian monk sealParrish, Frank A.
1993A geographical-ecological model for landscape conservation in Western SamoaPearsall, Sam
1974Grassland creation in a montane tropical rainforest and its effects on soil-vegetation nutrient pools and nutrient cycles : a case study in the Gran Pajonal of eastern PeruScott, Geoffrey Arthur James
1980The growth and spread of the Baha'i FaithHampson, Arthur
2008Hawaiian place names : Storied symbols in Hawaiian performance cartographiesLouis, Renee Pualani
1980Image evaluation of Landsat data for monitoring change in forest vigor : the ohia rain forest decline on the Island of HawaiiRockie, John D.
1984Immigration and immigrant settlements : the Chinese in New York CityChow, Chunshing
2004Indigenous resource taboos : a practical approach towards the conservation of commercialized speciesMonson, Clark S.
1989Indonesian interisland shipping : an assessment of the relationship of government policies and quality of shipping servicesPurwaka, Tommy Hendra
1989Industrial organization and spatial economic relations between Hong Kong and China : a linkage-interaction approachLeung, Chi Kin
1973Interaction and communication in a Philippine barrio: a study of social space and social distanceParsons, John Sanford
1985Intermediate cities in the resource frontier : a case study of Samarinda and Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, IndonesiaWood, William Bruce
1978Intra-urban migration and population redistribution in Victoria and Kowloon, Hong KongMiu, Kenneth Leung Kai
1988Labor flows and the construction industry : the case of housing development in Bandung, IndonesiaFirman, Tommy
1972Land, food, and work in three Javanese villagesEdmundson, Wade Cowart
1984Marine parks and reserves : management for Philippine, Indonesian and Malaysian coastal reef environmentsWhite, Alan Tyler
1995The marine realm and a sense of place among the Papua New Guinean communities of the Torres StraitSchug, Donald M.
1982A medical geography of endemic goiter in Central JavaChapman, Barbara Anne