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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2012Tangled up in pine : Māori perspectives on global industrial forestry in Aotearoa/New ZealandCastagna, Christine Naomi
Aug-2012The political ecology of food sovereignty movements in neoliberal IndiaLouis, Elizabeth Christina
Dec-2012The Samoan aidscape : situated knowledge and multiple realities of Japan's foreign aid to SāmoaTsujita, Masami
May-2012Tourism development in Okinawa : spatial and temporal patternsNguyen, David Ngoc
2007Traditional marine resource management in Raja Ampat, IndonesiaMcleod, Elizabeth
Dec-2002The Transformation of the Landscape in Waimea, Hawai'i: Pre-Human Era to 1860Watson, Sandra S.
1986Type size selection in map design : a user-preference approachChu, Gregory H.
1966United States' Trust Territory in the Pacific Islands : a potential sea-stateSahir, Abul Hasan
2002The Urak Lawoi and the complexity of sustainable resource use : the political ecology of change in the Adang Archipelago, Andaman Sea, ThailandWongbusarakum, Supin
Dec-2003Urban neighborhoods and environmental management: case studies from Ambom, Eastern IndonesiaMiller, Alyssa
2007Using optimization to design a marine protected area for a pelagic speciesHall, Richard L.
May-2011Villager uses of mangroves at Dodinga Bay, Western Halmahera, IndonesiaHarahap, Zulhan Arifin
May-2012Visibility analysis of Oahu HeiauLyman, Kailikepaokamoana James
1969The visitor perception of the physical and cultural environment of American SamoaSwanton, Mary Ellen
1983Water balance of the Pearl Harbor-Honolulu Basin, 1946-1975Giambelluca, Thomas Warren
2005The 'wylding' of Te Urewera National Park : analysis of (re)creation discourses in Godzone (Aotearoa/New Zealand)Castagna, Christine N.
May-2003Youth action research in the marine environment: a case study analysis of selected education projects in Hawaii, USAZicus, Sandra A.