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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Marine parks and reserves : management for Philippine, Indonesian and Malaysian coastal reef environmentsWhite, Alan Tyler
1995The marine realm and a sense of place among the Papua New Guinean communities of the Torres StraitSchug, Donald M.
Dec-2010Māori urban geographies of whakamanatanga : empowered Māori urbanism, space/place-based social movements and practices of everyday life in Auckland, New ZealandMarek, Serge Ansen
1982A medical geography of endemic goiter in Central JavaChapman, Barbara Anne
1975The mobility field theory of human spatial behavior : a behavioral approach to the study of migration and circulation in the Indian situationMukherji, Shekhar
2007Modeling to reduce oil consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases, hydrocarbons, and particulates for the passenger land transport sector of BangkokGruber, Douglas S.
May-2012Month-year rainfall maps of the Hawaiian IslandsFrazier, Abby Gail
2003A multiobjective planning system for forest resource management in Taiwan: a case study on Hui-Sun forest stationLin, Wen-Pin
2008Na wai ka mana? 'Oiwi agency and European imperialism in the Hawaiian KingdomBeamer, B. Kamanamaikalani
Aug-2011Narrative, the event, and identity categories in Xinjiang : an analysis of discourse in English language media July 2009Barbour, Brandon Rodney
2004Negotiating land tenure : cultural rootedness in Mele, VanuatuNaupa, Anna
1965Niue Island: land use and land tenure in a residual economyBissell, Harold Preston
Dec-2014Non-regulatory approaches to marine wildlife tourism : the dolphin smart experiment in HawaiʻiJaspers, Krista Elizabeth
1984Nuclear waste in the Pacific : perceptions of the risksChilds, Iraphne R.W.
May-2014On the political edge : conservation in an era of decentralization and democratization in central Sumatra, IndonesiaBettinger, Keith Andrew
Dec-2002The Paradox of Protected Natural Area Landscapes: An Interpretation of Ka'ena Point Natural Area Reserve, O'ahu, Hawai'i As a Gardened SpaceRose, Adam D.
2005Pictures of 'paradise' : understanding perspectives of development in the community of North KohalaMcLees, Leslie Ann
2008The political ecology of scallop (Argopecten purpuratus) use and management in the Pisco-Paracas Region, southern Peruvian coastGonzalez, Ricardo M.
1995The political economy of land and housing for the urban poor in Bangkok : a case study in Klong Toey and Wat Chonglom settlementNopadon Sahachaisaeree
1978Population movement in wet rice communities : a case study of two dukuh in Yogyakarta Special RegionMantra, Ida Bagus