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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Ban Yatra : a bio-cultural survey of sacred forests in Kathmandu ValleyMansberger, Joe R.
May-2014Becoming 'Pearl Harbor' : a 'lost geography' of American empireKajihiro, Kyle
Dec-2003Biculturalism, resource management and indigenous self-determinationJohnson, Jay T.
2007Calibrating a cellular automata model of land-use/land-cover change in Southwest China using the analytic hierarchy processBuchert, Martin P.
1967Change in the agricultural land use in West Upolu, Western SamoaBryant, Nevin A.
Dec-2012Changes in vegetation and environment over the holocene Ka'au Crater, O'ahu, HawaiʻiSchubert, Olivia Susan
1974Changing health environments through land development : the case of the Federal Land Development Authority in peninsular MalaysiaMeade, Melinda Sue
2004China's south-to-north water diversion scheme : the geographical distribution of environmental and socioeconomic consequencesKoga, Fumie
1985City attractiveness and internal migration in Korea : place uitility considerationsKim, Chang-Seok
1989Climatic controls on evaporation in HawaiiNullet, Dennis M.
1977Climatic water balance and agricultural production in the Northern Plains of West JavaResosudarmo, Sudjiran
1976Cognitive images of Hong Kong youth : a study of Chinese urban perceptionTravers, Lawrence Harrington
1973Communication, transportation and the decentralization of selected public services in New South Wales (Australia)Langdale, John V.
1995Contested images of place in a multicultural context : the ahupuaʻa of Kanaio and Aʻuahi, MauiBordner, Richard
1993Continuity and change in population movement : from inside a rural Nepali communitySubedi, Bhim Prasad
1993Defending the lagoons : insider/outsider struggles over the Tuamotuan pearl industryRapaport, Moshe
1990Delineating agroclimatic zones for deforested areas in Para State, BrazilBastos, Therezinha Xavier
Dec-2012Developing a vulnerability and adaptation assessment framework for application in tropical island communitiesMcLeod, Elizabeth Lee
1989The development of domestic water transportation in the PhilippinesBadon, Suzzette Brita
1981Development strategies in a lagging region : the case of centralized polarization in KoreaLee, Jeong-sik