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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2013Coastal evolution of a submerged bronze age landscape at Papadiokampos, Crete (Greece)Suka, Rhonda Renee
1976Cognitive images of Hong Kong youth : a study of Chinese urban perceptionTravers, Lawrence Harrington
1973Communication, transportation and the decentralization of selected public services in New South Wales (Australia)Langdale, John V.
1995Contested images of place in a multicultural context : the ahupuaʻa of Kanaio and Aʻuahi, MauiBordner, Richard
1993Continuity and change in population movement : from inside a rural Nepali communitySubedi, Bhim Prasad
Aug-2013Crafting the inviolate space : ideologies, rules and resources in an Indian tiger reserve a study of protected area governanceDutt, Sugato
Aug-2013Cultural attachment and restoring kindred connections to uhiūhi [mezoneuron kavaiense (h. Mann) hillebr.], a critically endangered, endemic tree of Hawaiian dry and mesic forestsLa Pierre, Lance Genson Mahi
1993Defending the lagoons : insider/outsider struggles over the Tuamotuan pearl industryRapaport, Moshe
1990Delineating agroclimatic zones for deforested areas in Para State, BrazilBastos, Therezinha Xavier
Dec-2012Developing a vulnerability and adaptation assessment framework for application in tropical island communitiesMcLeod, Elizabeth Lee
1989The development of domestic water transportation in the PhilippinesBadon, Suzzette Brita
1981Development strategies in a lagging region : the case of centralized polarization in KoreaLee, Jeong-sik
2004Disaffected youth in Asian cities : Singapore as a model for the diffusion of the youth bulge effectPipes, Ashleigh B.
2002The discourses (re)constructing the sacred geography of Kahoʻolawe Island, HawaiʻiChun, Allison A.
Dec-2002E Na Halau Hula, Nana Kakou Ia Laka (Look to the Source): Finding Balance Between the Practice of Hula Forest Gathering and the Ecological Realities of Hawaii's Native ForestsGarcia, Shirley Naomi Kanani
2005Economic good vs. public values : the consideration of social objectives in the water privatization processLombardo, Michelle
1969Effect of shifting cultivation on some soil properties of the Bismarck Mountains, Territory of Papua and New GuineaManner, Harley I.
1995Enduring idylls? : a geographical study of tourism in Kona, Hawaiʻi IslandJohnston, Charles Samuel
Dec-2014Estimating canopy bulk density (CBD) using discrete-return lidar and hyperspectral imageryLindquist, Mahany Castroverde
Dec-2012Evaluation of coral reef seascape in 'Āhihi Kīna'u, Maui with perspectives in landscape ecologyStender, Yuko Okano