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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Hours of operation : life sketches from the archipelagoLee, Lanning
1992Finding Victorias/Reading BiographiesFassiotto, Michael E.
1993Her subject's voice : articulating the "I" in the novels of Jane AustenMiddleton, Linda C.
1994Subersive dialogues : Melville's intertextual strategies and nineteenth-century American ideologiesShin, Moonsu
1995Getting back to their texts : a reconsideration of the attitudes of Willa Cather and Hamlin Garland toward pioneer life on the Midwestern agricultural frontierGustafson, Neil
1995The firebearerGross, Judith
1995The dialogic self in novels by Virginia Woolf, Doris Lessing and Margaret AtwoodFand, Roxanne J.
1995The social construction of the female self : studies in the shorter poems and designs of William BlakeAmes, Clifford R.
2003Too many deaths : decolonizing Western academic research on indigenous culturesWelford, Gabrielle
2004Gaijin yokozuna : a biography of Chad RowanPanek, Mark
2004Voices at the junction: a novella and storiesTunai, Charles Kesero
2004The unbearable greatness of adventure: narrative visions of empire for Victorian boys and menNishimura, Shelley N.
2004Twenty-first century composition-rhetoric : between the interstices of posmodernism, tradition, reason, and voiceLucas, Wesley P.
2005Bringing lived cultures and experience to the WAC classroom : a qualitative study of selected nontraditional community college students writing across the curriculumCassity, Kathleen J.
2005Eve and the archangel in paradiseBallantine, Tia, 1951
2005Semoana: a novel in prose and poetryGaleaŹ»i Jacinta Suataute
2008Writing Herbert writing Sidney : Mary Sidney Herbert, literary patronage, and early modern textual productionPerkins, Joan
2008Sandugo : Blood CompactOttiger, Lisa
2008The fictions of a nation : Race, state, and identity in life writing from MalaysiaMorais, Claire Dawn
Dec-2010Volume two : the slight bookcase: a novelOdhiambo, David Nandi