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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1970A pattern recognition approach to computer-aided medical diagnosisKulikowski, Casimir Alexander
1974A study of multifold Euclidean geometry codesYiu, Kai-Ping
1974A study of thermospheric dynamics using electron content power spectrum estimationsLow, Nam Chong
1975Use of program structure information in virtual memory managementJain, Nirmal
1976Connectivity of random networksMinai, Viqar Ahmed
1977A computer model for axiomatic systemsIbrahim, Rosalind L.
1977Coding for a T-user multiple-access channelZhang, Shijun
1982Automatic-repeat-request systems for error control in digital transmissionMiller, Michael Joseph
1986The design, fabrication, characterization, and modeling of a novel semiconductor device : the metal oxide semiconductor bipolar junction transistorOkada, David N.
1990Underwater machine vision : recovering orientation and motion of Lambertian planar surfaces in light attenuating mediaYu, Zhihe
1990Reliable communication for the noncoherent additive white Gaussian channelAlles, Martin C.A.
1991Error-control schemes for broadcast channelsChandran, S. Ram
1991Asymptotic analysis of digital transmission systems for a first order Gauss-Markov processShankar, H (Hari)
1992Multi-level error correcting codesMorelos-Zaragoza, Robert Henry
1994Decoding of linear block codes based on ordered statisticsFossorier, Marc P.C.
1994Distributed-channel bipolar device : experimentation, analytical modeling and applicationsJiang, Fenglai
1994Low complexity and high performance coded modulation systemsRajpal, Sandeep
1994Adaptive image and video compression using vector quantization and self-organizing neural networksLiu, Hui
1994Automatic labeling, modeling and recognition for line-drawing interpretationChêng, Tsê
1994Analysis and applications of some practical source coding systemsBist, Anurag