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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Low complexity and high performance coded modulation systemsRajpal, Sandeep
2005Motion estimation in the 3-D Gabor domainFeng, Mu, 1974
1992Multi-level error correcting codesMorelos-Zaragoza, Robert Henry
2005Multiple coding and space-time multi-user detection in multiple antenna systemsLiu, Jianhan, 1974
May-2014A opto-thermal micro-transportation for cellular microbiologyHu, Wenqi
1970A pattern recognition approach to computer-aided medical diagnosisKulikowski, Casimir Alexander
Aug-2014Physiological radar system for diagnosing sleep disordersBaboli, Mehran
Dec-2014Positivity constraint implementations for multiframe blind deconvolution reconstructionsBillings, Paul Allen
Dec-2014Protection of traffic in IP-over-WDM networks using loop-free alternatesRozic, Ciril
Dec-2012Readout methods for high rate binary pixel detectors in silicon on insulator technologyCooney, Michael Patrick
Dec-2003Reduced complexity decoding algorithms for low-density parity check codes and turbo codesChen, Jinghu
1990Reliable communication for the noncoherent additive white Gaussian channelAlles, Martin C.A.
May-2014Respiratory effort harvesting via torso movement for a wearable biosensorShahhaidar, Ehsaneh
1974A study of multifold Euclidean geometry codesYiu, Kai-Ping
1974A study of thermospheric dynamics using electron content power spectrum estimationsLow, Nam Chong
Dec-2012Subject isolation and non stationary clutter rejection using RF backscatter--tag radarSingh, Aditya
Dec-2014System-on-chip based doppler radar occupancy sensor with add-on passive nodeSong, Chenyan
1990Underwater machine vision : recovering orientation and motion of Lambertian planar surfaces in light attenuating mediaYu, Zhihe
2004A unified hardware-software framework for evaluating power consumption of embedded system-on-a-chip designsTalarico, Claudio
1975Use of program structure information in virtual memory managementJain, Nirmal